8 Mistakes We All Make In Our Lives.

Posted by Megha Saini
July 21, 2017

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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered how your life would have been had you done a few things differently? Have you ever tried to list out all the mistakes you feel you’ve made? Are you thankful to those mistakes or do you regret them? Well let me tell you something today, you are not the only one who has made those mistakes. There are over seven billion people on this planet. And believe it or not, they all have made similar mistakes in their lives. Here are some mistakes that a lot of us would have made in past or are yet to make.


  1. “I should have fought back”

Yes, it was unfair. Yes, it was wrong. And yes, you shouldn’t have kept quiet about it. Be it that coworker who makes you feel uncomfortable or your boss who didn’t give you that raise that you deserve or that cab driver who charged you more than you owed him, it is your right as well as your duty to fight back. You must remember that there is no prince charming and there is no superhero in the real world. So quit being a damsel in distress and be your own saviour

  1. “I should have taken that trip”

Do you often find yourself idling away time on Facebook or Instagram stalking your friends? Do you look at the pictures and videos of the trip they recently took to Andamans or Ladakh? Well, it’s time to pick up the phone and call your boss and tell him that you won’t be coming to the office for a week. It’s time you take a break. You don’t have to wait for your best friend to take out time for you. Just go online and book your tickets. Those who want can follow you there.

  1. “Should I call her?”

The last time you met your best friend you had a huge fight. You argued about how she let you down or how she hurt you. You said some awful things and so did she. And you turned and walked away from each other hoping your paths never to cross again. For just a moment forget what she did to hurt you and think about the things that made her special enough to be your best friend. Now pick up that phone and call her. I’m sure she’s thinking about doing the same but doesn’t know how to face you.

  1. “I still love him! Maybe I should forgive him!”

Now, this is a tricky one! Forgiving someone isn’t easy. You may love him a lot but if he didn’t value you or he did something to hurt you then forgiving him would be the last thing on your mind. Love is not only a complex feeling but also one that makes you feel all confused and lost a number of times. To some people love becomes a drug and to some a reason to live. Love gives hope but it also holds the power to destroy you. So love carefully and wisely. Love the right person. Love not for how you make him feel but for how he makes you feel. But if he isn’t worth it then FORGIVE YOURSELF for falling for the wrong person and move on.

  1. “Why do I let my fears ruin my special moments?”

We all have fears. Some of us are scared of being in enclosed spaces and some of us fear to be alone for the rest of our lives. But the key to a happy life is to move past that fear and just live. Just remember the tagline of Mountain Dew – ‘There is victory beyond fear.’ That doesn’t stand true only for the extreme sports that people in the advertisement of this drink are trying to complete. It is actually quite applicable to everyday life. Just because you are scared of enclosed spaces you cannot avoid elevators. You just need to be strong and walk into that elevator and head to your destination.

  1. “I feel so guilty!!!”

“I shouldn’t have said that!”

“I shouldn’t have screamed!”

“I shouldn’t have been so reckless!”

What is done is done. There is no possible way to undo the things that you have done, and there is no way to take back the words you said. Believe me, everyone wishes they had a time machine. All I have for you is a solution. Go and apologize!!! Tell them that you are sorry and hope that they will forgive you. There are times when just a simple apology doesn’t fix things but it lets the other person know that you know that you were wrong and you wish to make amends.

  1. “I should really start working out!” 

Here’s a fact for you – No one likes working out!!! All those fitness experts and health freaks that spend half of their salary on gym memberships or workout accessories have a motivation. Some of them just want to look good, others who are trying to get over a medical ailment, and the list goes on. What you need to find is the right reason to workout and the rest would be a piece of very healthy cake.

  1. “I should give it a chance.”

Be it a job opportunity that demands you to be in a zone that is different from what you are used to or a hobby that you’ve always wanted to practice or a person you’ve always been crazy about. Don’t be scared. Don’t think of the risks or the possibility of a failure. Just give it a chance. You never know what fruit this seed might give you. You need to believe in yourself and believe in what you want and just give it a chance. There is always the option of letting it go and sticking to your comfort zone. It’s a choice that is very safe and has no sudden or weird surprises. With this choice, you will always know what to expect. But then, would you really be happy? Would you be satisfied knowing that your life could have been what you really wanted it to be instead of what you settled for? Think about it.


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