Posted by Warisha Kamran
July 15, 2017

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 This year onwards, one of the prestigious university of India,  Delhi University decides to take on a kinder move by reserving seats for the acid victims and survivors. Apart from them, students suffering from thalassemia and dwarfism disorders are granted a special place in the university programmes. This University is the first in India to adopt the revised Rights of persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. The revised law has increased the reservation for students suffering from disability from three percent to five percent and has also expanded the scope of disabilities. It is indeed a very good and effective move which will aid the acid survivors to come in the mainstream and fight the stigma. These ‘special’ people are always put into certain stereotypes, and to neutralise the negativity, this positive move would help them gain confidence and a hope for a better, liberal education. The majority of the ‘specially abled’ persons have been forced to leave the education sector midway, just because they are considered weak, or rather, ‘disabled’. The move would definitely bring back the lost smiles on their drooped faces, hopeless eyes and parched, pale lips. Sad as it seems, the Government has not done enough to re-institutionalize them into the education system. The move is aimed at encouraging more students with physical and mental challenges to pursue higher education.

The bitter irony lies in the fact that these people, along with being the acid victims are also the victims of the society. They are always seen in dichotomies to the normal people, always thought of as weak, fragile, abnormal, even insane ; as against strong, normal and sane people. Just because  nature and God did not favour them, not making them beautiful in their outward forms, they are dubbed as ‘ugly’ both inside-out. Instead, they are saner , more pragmatic than these normal, yet insane people who put them into binaries and stereotypes.

Such reservations are a requisite, especially in India as even the co operate sector does not do much for them. They are given no respectable place and jobs in the industrial- corporate world.

In fact, what has caused much corruption are the caste-based quotas, where people take them for granted. These quotas are spoiling the youth of India where more than hard work getting admitted in a prestigious college matters.

Life seems a difficult and an intricate journey for these acid victims, thus this kinder move can contribute in shaping their bright future.

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