A letter to my colleague

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July 15, 2017

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Dear Friend, 


It’s been a long time that we’re working in the same office. We see each other every single day and wave at each other. It was when I was just a few months old in this office, I realised something that I never saw happening to me  earlier. It was strange and weird and gross. Whenever I would say a Hi, you just couldn’t take off your eyes- off my boobs. Yes, you kept looking at them while you talked to me. You would have a good look at them, look back at my face only for a few seconds and your eyes just couldn’t resist. Yes, I was the only lady in the entire office space having almost 100 other men including the staff, labour, transporters, drivers everyone. But that didn’t make it an all Men’s world. Both of us come from engineering colleges and further ahead, from premier management institutions where we had free access to internet. Of course, I have seen people exchanging hard drives on normal days when it wasn’t about the assignment. There’s a whole world outside for you to satiate your eyes and quench your hearts desire. But I must’ve been really special, all this while or the mostly easily accessible boob carrying female around you.


I must say one more thing- you have been persistent and consistent. It’s been over 2 years and you still look at my boobs as I enter your cabin before you look at my lips or my cheeks or into my eyes. I don’t know- I’m 34 with a normal built. There’s nothing extra- ordinary I find in my boobs. None of my boyfriends admired them as you do. Another day I thought I must ask you even, but I stopped myself. There wasn’t a particular reason. When you don’t feel awkward looking at them, I should rather not feel weird talking about them. However, I still couldn’t have the courage to ask you about their speciality. I kind of accepted it- compromised with it. Although it’s sickening every single day but then I still have to see you every day, wave at you and be a nice office colleague. 


I must tell you one more thing- I am glad I didn’t meet you earlier. As kids, nobody would wear padded bras and the nipples would show up more often than not. Anyone who would’ve looked at boobs would’ve had question about it, about the girl and about nipples. It would’ve made me so conscious about my body which I’m not. Thank God I’m pretty confortable with my body.  Thank God you weren’t around to kill my confidence when I was growing up. Thank you for when I saw you for the first time; I was already a grown up.


And P.S.- You can find boobs at many other places and not just in our office. 


Your female colleague.. 

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