a Letter to my fairness cream

July 11, 2017

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Hey dear I owe you a big thanks from heart  .I have always kept you in my dressing table desk. You help my facial skin to hide its flaws when I touch up a bit with you and dress up for a party.Since we share years old relationship I felt it is my duty to be honest with you and let nobody fool you.

Since a few days I have been watching you. You seem to be convinced by the TV advertisement where a dark complexioned girl is unsure about a decision. Remember the ad? She is confused whether to get a job first or to marry first as a prospective groom awaits and her father convinces her to get married. Then she gets you and becomes fair which consequently gives her confidence to get a job first. Her face brims with self confidence and glows like a LED bulb.

That was it. They made you believe that you are no longer a polymerized tube filled with chemicals. You are super powerful who can transform a woman inside out. Now I see your half empty crumpled body stretching straight in pride. But do you realize this ad can crumple the confidence of a girl and make her feel low about herself forever ? Think some sense.How can Your  Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin A , vitamin c extracts define a woman?

Look, you are great inside beauty kit. That’s your boundary. Just don’t have misconceptions about the women who use you.

Confidence comes from faith. Confidence comes from knowledge. In no way can confidence  come from fairness.

Advert ends with a silent note : Dark girls have two options – one, get married and two, use cream to become fair. You know I would like to say to your beloved advertisers: you have two options: one, be creatively intelligent about ads without putting women down and two, go to hell .You never know when the myths and trends reverse.

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