Posted by paras prashar
July 31, 2017

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When a human being is born and takes his first breath, the entire universe gets manifested in that. A unique being is born and brings a huge possibility along with himself. He is subtle, innocent, pure, honest and an epitome of what a human being should be. He seems to be the only light in that home. Suddenly the family goes into a new state of blissfulness and their home becomes alive again.

In India a yogi is often compared to a child as he can laugh anytime, cry anytime, become angry anytime and for no reason at all. Such is the purity of that newly born being which is considered to be the emblem of God Himself.

Can anyone think of such a child to be a criminal, a murderer, a rapist, or a drug dealer? Then where do the things get distorted? Where does the pollution start? When does the change come? These questions are pertinent in today’s world where peace is in such a high demand. The world has tried law & order, it has tried strictness, it has tried his own ways of imparting education and all the moral obligations that come with it. But has anything permanent come out of it? Is the world becoming a better place? Without a single doubt, the answer is no. And the reason for this failure is clearly visible-not a single step in the right direction has been taken up because no one knows exactly what is the right way of doing things.

Going a little more into the dynamics of the conditioning of children, the worst crime that is taking place is the societal conditioning of children and the perpetrators include their parents, teachers and of course who can miss the society. Simply tell a child what is moral and there’s no way he is not gonna go for the immoral. And later on when he does something horrible it’s not just about one criminal, the whole society is responsible for it. It’s not about ‘I’ or ‘You’ or ‘Him’ but ‘We’ as a society have failed.

If we talk about one of the most developed nations in the world, none other than the USA then a striking fact is that almost 60% of the population is on some sort of anti-depressants. What kind of a definition of development is that? This has to change. Long time back Charles Darwin taught us about the evolution and this has not stopped, human beings are still capable of transforming themselves to the extent that nothing else remains to be achieved.

Simply do not stop at the lowest level of your emotions, reach at the peak of it. Unless they set themselves in tune with the harmony and rhythm of the existence the realization is not going to come to them. And the only possible way is Rebellion. Not a violent upsurge but a spiritual one. It has nothing to do with the outside world, it is a mechanism of the inside world. And there’s not a single individual who doesn’t want to seek it but they are afraid of changing their paths. That is why I say a rebellion awaits…

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