A Strange Boy

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July 14, 2017

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Hey people out there,


so this time i am writing something about a boy, whom i have found a bit strange, and in the end of this article i am sure that you’ll also feel the same about him.


recently joined a company, new people, new environment and this new guy.


it is a general shift of mine, first day at office, after giving the introduction i set with the newcomers who has joined with me, and this guy was one of them. Yes, i am a very talkative person, but only with the people whom i not found fake. First day neither i have spoken with him much nor he, just a causal talk.


Through one week we became quite good friends, he is from North India, came to Bangalore to do something by his own. Now you people will be thinking till now whatever i have said about him that’s normal, not like we can say him as a Strange guy.


Here are the things why i have found him Strange…


Before going for that i would like to give you people a short description about his family background from where he comes.


His mother is an HR in a government hospital in his hometown.

His father was serving for the Indian railways as a general manager, and as we all know that if you are a good performer, then after your retirement also few of the good brands will hire you.

so his father got associated with two more good associations like Holiday inn and Coal India on a good position .


He has gotten 1 elder brother and 2 elder sisters.


His brother works in Bloomberg as a Delivery head.

One of his elder sisters works in France as a Joint Secretary in foreign services.

Another sister is a charted accountant and right now working in RBI on scale 3.


Yes we(sometimes included colleagues as well) do have loads of fun with him, even he does, we crack jokes, go out for lunch and tea(office breaks) but till today, our one sentence also didn’t match with each other. We fight a lot, people started calling us Tom&Jerry, but one thing i didn’t like about him was he always says “I am staying in Bangalore from last 5 years, but till now i don’t have a single friend”. not because he didn’t count me in his friend list, but because in 5 years also he didn’t found anyone whom he can call his friend. Now this also proves, that he is not as normal as we are.


from few days he started saying that he is not keeping well, and he has to go to doctor quite often. And that day when he said “He is suffering from something” which he didn’t tell me before.


he used to ask me sometimes, “when I’ll go, will you remember me” and i used to say that “nope not at all” and the same answer i used to get whenever i used to ask this same stupid question from him.

No changes at all.


His mom loves him very much as he is the youngest one in the family, she has gifted him a 3 BHK flat in Bangalore, a bike to travel but the strange thing is he is not staying in that, he stays in a PG with a roomie, he eats from outside everyday though his mom has asked him to keep a mad, he travels by normal buses not even Volvo.


isn’t it strange ?


and whenever i ask him “why don’t you stay over there, why don’t you travel by your bike, why don’t you accept the car which your mom is offering you” he will only reply me saying “Ankita, you will not understand” and i will give a full stop over there.


I just like the attitude which he carries with him, sometimes it’s irritated as well (kuch zayada ho jata hai, you know that typical north indian types) humble in nature, at the same time stubborn. He is smart but makes stupid decisions sometimes.


I know that very soon our paths will be parted, but one thing which i want to share with you people is, it is really rare to get such strange personalities in your life.

someone has said correct about life “You can not keep the things which does not belongs to you”







And now it’s time to say Thank you.

Thank You so much people for giving your valuable time to reading this Article.



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