a thought after celebrating rakshabandhan- will i able to keep my promise

Posted by Harsh Singh
July 13, 2017

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It was 18/08/2016 rakshabandhan every where the joy the enlightenment .  i was just standing in my balcony seeing men with tilack on their forehead and rakhis on their wrist and of course i also wear lots of rakhis that day. i asked my mother what is the cause behind this celebration, she told me that rakhi recalls brothers their responsibility that they have sisters which needed to be protected by them and also the festival symbolizes love between brother and sisters. i left my mothers room and as came to my room i saw a newspaper one of the article i read was” another nirbhya  in up”and there was given a total rise of 277 percent in rape cases and all the political views behind it that our women , girls are not safe etc.  my heartbeat raised i started thinking about the responsibility will i be able to save my sisters and in pledge we do at our school it is well said that”all citizen of India are my brothers and sisters “. can i protect them. if not whats the need of rakhee and fake expectations .that day i realize every rakhee remind me billions of girls need protection not just protection from criminals but also from our fake society rules. giving them equal opportunity, complete their education,and also taking their decisions regarding marriage specially by their own .

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