Acp said I will get ur dogs destroyed by ghmc in my ptesence

Posted by Samrin Khan
July 26, 2017

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I have lived in Hyderabad now for two and half years and I reported many dogs to welfare dog got help by them n few euthanized wen I made social posts. In return welfare declared me a fraud and none of d dog reported by me got help.pluce stopped d grocery of my house weni reported cases in PS cz as per Acp Ande srinivas stray dogs can’t be pets and dey must be destroyed. Voulanteer from pfa and bluecross only abused me and I had to pick up dogs one by one to save them wen ppl tried to kll dem. Wen I questioned welfare Mr Joshi forced me to send my dogs to bluecross for sterilization where out of three only one dog came back alive. They forgot to tellme that two dogs died. Dead bodies were in fridge for two days.I had to beg to take dead bodies too so I can dispute se them off at least after death with respect.those dogs were not in a physical situation to bear operation but bluecross did not bother cz I asked the help and this s d way dey help. Whenpoluce stopped all d shops in my area to sell me anything and my dogs were begging for food I had to take unknown help through social media n posts I had to feed my dogs I was abused again n again for questioning welfare for saving dogs I m scared of political welfare like pfa and bluecross of Hyderabad dey ruined my career and character. Both.Acp said cz I help dogs so anyone can abuse me stray dogs can’t be pets he will destroy them all if I won’t get out of Hyderabad within 12 hours taking my dogs. He declared me slut. He Saudi know u won’t sit quit he found a way anyone calling him to help me this Acp is spitting on my character. Voulanteer from pfa and bluecross Hyderabad are abusive more than this Acp. I have 13 dogs in house right now. Mr Joshi a senior member if pfa Hyderabad last tym forced me to take fir back when a stray dog was killed. I haveno hopes this post is dedicatedly being made to save the dogs by this Acp. He want to come with ghmc and kill the dogs. Hyderabad city police created their own law books. He shown me a page saying any stray DPG can be destroyed by ghmc and dey call it law one video attached



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