Advocating Religion

Posted by Ishani Palandurkar
July 19, 2017

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There have been million debates on existence and practice of religions, yet I never involved myself in the discussion thinking such a situation is rare to face. I don’t have faith in religion either, that doesn’t mean I am an atheist but I do feel that it causes various unnecessary hurdles for society. I do believe in God and she doesn’t belong to any religion.

Lately, my friend lost her father. While she and her family were grieving, she managed to do all paper work that was required post her father’s demise. She wasn’t even done with this when she had to face an army of relatives who were more concerned about last rituals than to provide some ease to the ailing minds. Right from all dramatic steps to make her mother – the wife ‘feel’ that she is a widow to criticise the family of deceased for their inappropriate decision making. A phase where people are supposed to provide condolences and warmth, their primary concern is tradition.  All of us have been in this situation at least once and we do realize the kind of pain and mental trauma it puts us through. Such frictions will not only intensify pain but will also take away emotional reliance from friends and family. In the name of religion, rituals, culture, after birth peace, we fool ourselves and disturb well deserved harmony of living ones.


However, even though coming from a conservative background, her mother took a strong decision that the last rituals will be done by the daughters. Imagine a situation, where who will do what becomes such a big debate, giving fire to a body by two females definitely created a scene. My question is, what is more important? You create havoc in the name of God and do nothing good to people around you. But keeping all the mess aside, it came out as a transforming step  in the society. Three women had courage to break the tradition and do what they felt was right. Such journeys aren’t easy but they definitely make an impact or at least initiate an impact which is necessary given the dynamics of the society are changing at a faster pace. If not now, then when?

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