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“All I Want Is to see Everyone Happy” : Stuart Matthew

Posted by Rajiv Jaiswal
July 25, 2017

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Stuart Matthew, almost a birthday boy from Allahabad, have already been interviewed by the Youth Ki Awaaz publishers and now again this almost 19-year-old young boy made place in here. Matthew have started supporting UNICEF India through his soulful music.

First of all, Happy Birthday in advance! You are such an Inspiration which is too hard to find these days. And the things you did on your Pre-birthday, that’s such an amazing step to take but how do you end up supporting UNICEF India, creating an album specially for this donating campaign and also what you think for future?

Hey! Thank You so much it means alot. So, I’ve actually grown up watching poor kids playing at street who have no shelter and heard lots of cases about new born babies be dying due to helpless parents and things. It’s something that I felt absolutely not right and at the same time I heard about how UNICEF was putting their effort to help these needy people, I’ve always loved to look forward of what they do for people and then I get to know about myself that people are streaming music and watching my videos across the world, I thought why not to share this campaign with them, so maybe there could be more powerful help to all those
people and only for that I created a combination album, which is called Dreamland and there’s a song in it named “You Are My Sunshine”. I actually dedicated to my mom and also in support for UNICEF campaign.

For future, I think there’s nothing that I could say about what is gonna happen but all I want is to see everyone happy, it doesn’t matter who they are what they do but if I see people happy that makes me happy and I would love to support every campaign who take a step to help people like this but for that I really need to make my platform an strong place. Because currently, I’m just letting people to know about this donation campaign through myself but we all know there’s always lightning before the thunder.



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