Posted by Ruchi Pandey
July 7, 2017

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You know I am feminist, mind you I can cut your throat out if you say anything unnecessary about women, but I take this platform to throw some light on the insensitive war against men which is in trend for quite some time. There are few things which we all need to understand, especially ladies:

1. Whether it is a decision of marrying a guy you loved or being arranged with, we take so long to choose one. Yes we all do, but then why do we stretch that all men are the same. If all are the same, it should take seconds to choose one not months or years or calls or SMS.
Some say all men are the same and cannot be changed, but don’t we love our father’s and grandfather’s, adore our brother’s for that matter.
2. If you as a woman can say that you need a Tall, Dark and a Handsome man and you are projected as classy for that statement then why if a man says his choice is 36-24-36 then he is termed as a PERVERT. No he is not, it’s just his way of expressing his choice like we women do
3. It is very much possible that after say 10 years down the line when you are married and settled with your work, you can walk down to your husband say, “Hey, you know what I wanna take off for a year’s time to reshape what I want to do or to start something new;” All he will say is, “Honey that’s perfectly fine, I am there to support you”. Just imagine your husband coming and saying that “I wanna take a year off, first things” you would say, “Are you out of your mind, we have two kids to look after, you never thought of them before saying this.” Why can’t he take off for a year? I mean, it’s not much that he asked for. Ever thought of that? Just a year off!!
4. If a man passes you a flirty smile then he is Corrupt. Whereas if you see a handsome and a cute man who is standing near you, you can cross your legs and retouch your bright lipstick. Mind you!! That’s perfectly fine and you are just being poised. Ah-uh!! Really. If it’s perfect for you, it’s perfect for them too.
5. Both women and men are being raped, but the tragedy is we do not walk with candles for men.
Not all men are wrong and not all women are right. Pulling an unnecessary code just to prove yourself right or going by the trend, doesn’t make any sense. All it does is spread needless things in society.

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