Are you a teen who has lost his track?

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July 8, 2017

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When I was kid, I wanted to be a doctor. But as I grew up and it was actually time to decide on a career I was lost. When I was 15, I had to make a decision about my career. I was blank; until I started writing. I wrote a poem on Success) I sat down to write a poem and it just flowed. I showed it to my teacher who loved it. I wrote two more poems. All three were published in my school magazine.

So when it was time to choose a course of study in my 11th class I chose Arts, and studied literature, psychology, sociology and IT. But then what next? I loved Literature, but it seemed to me that it wasn’t job oriented. Even my family, always supportive, advised me do something that would lead to a job at the end of the degree.

Studying Law has changed me. I have started talking more. I enjoy spending time with my classmates in law school, who are more outgoing, more curious and more analytical about things than my school friends were. We have discussions on all sorts of subjects from relationships and science to terrorism. So law is great right now. But one thing is sure; I am not going to be stuck up in a job forever. I want to try other different things as well.  I continue to write. I am sure that I will never stop writing.

Two books I remember that changed my perceptions are: ‘Life is What You Make it’ and ‘Career Rules’.

‘Life is What You Make it’ is a novel by Preeti Shenoy, describing the perfect life of Ankita Sharma. She gets into a premier management school for her MBA, loses his boyfriends to heaven, and ends up in a mental health hospital. The events which led her there and the way she then fights it, it truly inspirational.

‘Career Rules: How to Choose Right & Get the Life You Want’ a book by Sonya Dutta Choudhury is a mix of the necessary overview of all the fields available while deciding about the future. The words of Yaquta Mandviwala, Management Consultant “This whole concept of work-life balance is made out to be a zero-sum game. That is, if there is more of work, there is less of life and vice versa. Work is meant to enrich life” specially inspired me to learn how work is something to be enjoyed. All such interviews covered in this book are an inspiration for someone who is lost in life.

Nobody knows where life will take you. So ‘Go with the flow’. Keep moving. You have to believe in your abilities. Everyone is different and we all can excel in different fields, we just need to find the right one. It might take some time, but believe that one day you will live the life you want.

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