Are not we all just Indians ? Tracing where it all started

Posted by Gauransh Mohan
July 13, 2017

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 “ Mujhe na to religion dikhai dete hain, na sunai dete hain. Sirf Ek he naam sunai deta hai,  INDIA ”

Courtesy – ‘ Chak De India ’

We choose to Unite and Divide in countless ways. Unfortuantely,  people tend to move towards endangerement or rejection of people “not like them”.  Languages, Boundaries, Races, Political philosphies – innumerous basis of DIVISION. But i will talk about the most dangerous one-


Lets trace back a bit to where it all started. Religion is nothing but a belief system which was created to help people understand mysteries of universe and to satisfy our need to know the evolution of Life & Support systems. A group of people living at a place rested their belief in some theories and hence we have different Religions across the globe

The soul of every religion was to UNITE. It was intended to make us more civilized, more tolerant and loving towards each other. But Religion has been dividing us ever since.

The most number of deaths is due to Religious Wars. It is that one tool which never rusts, that one call which is always answered, that one thing which attracts masses when called upon for help.

Religion was meant to preach love, harmony, kindness. But it has become the most powerful tool of hatred. No religious teaching has taught the supremacy of one religion over other. Invention of Heaven and Hell was never natural.  And the Teachings offering Heaven and Hell as reward/punishment for compliance or apostasy are untrue. And as they say –

  All this to ‘Bring Glory  to God’s name’ .REALLY?? 

All religions agree to attain God but prescribe different ways. TRUE ! Then why are differences emphasised and we are divided into US vs. THEM mentality ? Lynchings in the name of Religion ?

 A doctor is worshipped. His religion doesn’t matter. Neither does a soldier’s nor a teacher’s . All do their job as an INDIAN.  What has Choice of Food, Talent; Potential , Profession to do with religion ? As long as one Is INDIAN, why it even matters which religion one follows ! GIVE IT A THOUGHT


In words of Swami Vivekananda »

“ Religion, like languages sound different even when they say same things ”


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