Be Vegan:Let animals live happily

Posted by Deepak Ahuja
July 16, 2017

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Animals the only living organism with purest spirit .Always loyal to others .They never fake.They are the creatures with unabridged loyal heart.Animals are like
‘’No Complaints No Demands’’.
They make us feel blithe and always try to make us mirthfull but human beings are always ardent to eat these speechless creatures. Animals never harm us instead make our environment more beautiful. Animals came on earth before the atrocious humans ,they have right to live their life peacefully like other humans but we egregious humans separate animal Baby from their mother immediately after the birth for a reason brutal reason , we want to eat them need product being made from them or need vitamins present in them.Man should think being on the place of an animal , that how it feels when someone abduct your child for killing and eating.Animals are boiled alive,beheaded,skin is peeled,thrown alive in machines ,and hanged upside down blood running from thier mouth.All this for only mentally retarded non vegans.These Ferocious creature can never feel the pain of animal.Because of non vegans millions of animals are decimated every year , most of them are of only 1-3 months in age.Every creature on earth is condign to live happily and enjoy the beauty of environment but because of non vegans animals die immediately after the birth.Battery cages are used to confine egg laying hens is absolutely barbaric ,the cages strip away the dignity of the hens completely.Bloody dolted non vegan give silly excuses of eating non veg : they tell there are some vitamins and proteins which we can get only from animals.Idiotic human so what?if u will not intake those vitamin you will not die.humans eat medicines containing ingredients obtained by killing an animal .This boost more animal killing.Medicines are made by killing animals only for making humans fit and healthy.Dumb human there are many other natural ways to be healthy.But you monster , for your strong big muscles and body eat animal.You can do one thing eat your own muscles and bones..!
Indian government has the dilatory speed in decision making.They are busy in their shitty discussions and meeting.They don’t have time for animals .They should make strict laws against animals slaughter and culprits should punished. Indian are born on land of god , where god took birth but Indians eat other creatures made by god.
Nature has all the record of the cruelty ,humans are killing children of nature..!Just wait and watch non vegans , One day nature will take revenge and on that day there will be no one to save you ‘Cold blooded humans’..Grow up insane man,let animals live happily.


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