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Beauty Pageants ,she is Mentor  At But Not Fit For ‘Good Woman’ social Image !

Posted by Preeti Panwar Solanki
July 17, 2017

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Beauty Pageants ,she is Mentor At!

But Not Fit For ‘Good Woman’ Social Image.

Beauty Pageants ,she is Mentor  At But Not Fit For ‘Good Woman’ social Image !
Mrs India United Nations
No More ‘Goodness’ 
She ,  A good  daughter, a good daughter in law, good wife, good lover, good mother, good friend, good neighbour, good teacher,   everything was extremely good about her till she announced that she is participating in a beauty pageant!
mrs united nations 2017, mrs india united nations 2017, preeti panwar solanki
mrs united nations , mrs india united nations , preeti panwar solanki

Mrs India United Nations 2017 , Preeti Panwar Solanki,,

Cleavage or Brain


Now people started doubting on her ‘Goodness’

Yes , a beauty pageant where the contestant competes to win the title of most beautiful person, where beauty of her Mind,their woman  is going to wear makeup and skirts, not accepted in the image of a ‘decent woman’.

Judgmental on the basis of attire,Isn’t,it?
 Though still she carried that enlightened mind for which she was appreciated immensely and all those Sanskar for which she has received a high regard from people around her and society.
Moreover , now at a bigger stage, she was going to prove that she  not only possess the intellect and  sanskaar but she is the one who has kept her body fit to inspire many other woman for fitness, something which should be the prime concern for women, but  working for all, being  goddess of sacrifices, she never cares for her own self.
 Do we know that Caged in a ‘Good Image’, women lost their power of expression. The Constitution even claimed that each individual has the right to express themselves and women’s beauty contests are a place where women can express their true self, which is prohibited in the name of social morals.
How is it considered bad, how people can make judgment on the basis of cloths?
Why the woman who can confidently flaunt her physical appearance  is not considered ‘right’ for ‘decent woman’image?
and Why the woman who wear cotton sarees and a teaches can not be glamours  enough to be a fashion icon?
Why  is this shocking for people that a teacher can not be a glittering lady.

School Teacher bani Beauty queen

Today having won three most prominent titles , still she has image dilemma, what to flaunt cleavage or brain because she would be not seen as the whole, her appearance give them food for judgement.
mrs united nations 2017, ms united nations ,preeti panwar solanki
mrs united nations , Mrs India united nations preeti panwar solanki

Do people ever look at Men in different appearance and comment like, “Oh look at him there, trading on his masculinity? or “Oh, he is trying to show that he is super intelligent.

This sort of judgement  is primarily reserved for women, and perhaps it will prevail always.We are progressive but we can not obliterate it.  People love it too much. 

As with most things, at the root of it all is power. By reducing a woman’s worth down to her appearance, we slyly diminish her role and her value as a contributor to society. People care far too much about how things look, rather than looking at how things are.

A woman must say that “I’m proud of myself, my job and my achievements, my different roles and my appearance. I am  proud of me, I am a complete person and I dont’t give a damn what judgement people make. Because I am who I am.

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