Best Ways to Make money on old books

Posted by Nidhi Mahajan
July 31, 2017

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There are a lot of times when we are done with our old textbooks and they serve no purpose to us. We either sell it out to the local vendors or give to somebody junior to us. But how many times have we realized that we can actually fetch a profitable business out of it.  Booksrun gives this opportunity to all the college going students to get some earnings out of selling their old used books online and generate some cash out of it.

Generating some extra pocket money during college days is never a bad idea. And one can easily do it by simply using their already read books and giving it out to others who would pay a pre for it. Booksrun comes with this highly innovative platform of exchange of books amongst student and also lets them earn out of it.

Fix a price for your book

The first thing that you need to do fix a marginal price for the book that you would want to sell out. This is a completely hassle free process. Figure out the books that are to be rented and state their ISBN number which is a 10 r 13 digit barcode number of the entitled author. That way you can fix a rate for your text book.

Ship your labels

All you need to do is have a prepaid service to the desired place where you want to ship your books and simply drop it to the located place. The service will include packaging and tracking of your finished products wherein you can easily track your orders. The shipping is absolutely free of cost and includes no extra charges. You can sell out books in bulk for better deals and offers.

Earn while you sit at home

For every book that you set out, you will receive payment for it. So it becomes very easy to earn while you are doing nothing at home. All you need to do is select out the book not in use and simply package it out for delivery and earn. Booksrun gives this option of receiving payment either via PayPal or through check. So you can simply choose the easiest mode of transaction for yourself and fill your wallet for some extra pocket money.

Get books of your choice

While you can earn through this platform, students can very easily get books of their choices at lower rates. You can select the books needful to you and set out a purchase order with free shipping and you will get your desired books at your doorstep. You can also have rental books which saves a lot of money on pocket. The prices for purchased books here are as low as possible.

One can always avail great deals and offers by using coupons and promos to fetch great Booksrun deals. You can fetch variety of books under different subject umbrella to sell it out or buy or even rent. Selling books was never this profitable and easy. So make money while you sit at home

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