Blog On Selfie Causing Deaths

Posted by Shreyas Lokras
July 27, 2017

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Blog On Selfie Causing Deaths:
Nowdays it is The Most Trending Topic Nowdays Everywhere Selfie . But Now These Selfies are Causing Maximum Deaths. You have To Decide That Life is Important or Selfie. But One Thing Is Clear If  Life Is There or You are Alive You can click More Selfies. But If There is No Life Or You are Dead People will see Your Selfies if You have clicked. But one problem is There after that You Himself or Herself cannot see it.So why To Risk Life For clicking selfies. First Life comes Then Selfie. Everywhere we are Hearing That Selfie has taken Death of Persons near water. So Why to Go To Such places which are So Risky and If You are Going No Problem But Why To Take Selfie. You are Taking Selfie Not For Ourselves But To Show Other’s or People On Social Media That What a Wonderful Place and Beautiful Place And We are Enjoying So Much And . But in one single moment Adventure Can Become So Risky You also Don’t Know. Happiness can Turn into Sadness in one moment.I am Not Judging That You are Wrong or Right. But I am saying that some Caution should be Taken Before Going to such Places and It Is Your Personal Opinion to Go Or Not. But I Felt it is important So I am writing on it . Certain Facts Also Prove That How Selfie near water or Adventure places is so risky and causing so many Deaths.
1. 75 % are males who have died due To Selfie and average age is 21 years old.
2. 32 years or older person has not Died Due To Selfie.
3.India Tops The List in Selfie Causing Deaths means Maximum Deaths occurred in a country which is India.
4.It is not Exact But in 2015 atleast 15 people Died Which increased To 39 in 2015 and 2016 it increased to 73 Deaths Just in 8 months all over The World.
5. Youngest age was 14 who Died with Selfie and Oldest is 32 years.
6.Age Between 18-24 years Takes maximum Selfies.
7.In 2016 24 Billion Selfies were Uploaded To Google Photos.
8.Total 127 reported Deaths caused All Over the World From March 2014 To September 2016 76 were alone From India. Oh such a Large Number.

We say where There is Risk There is Reward. But Here Risk Is Your Life and Reward is Nothing So Why To Take such Risk When There is No Reward. Take Selfie But First See and Analyze The Location and Then Click . Don’t In a Hurry . Because if You are In A Hurry Then Within a Time You will be in a Worry.Most Selfie Deaths are caused near Water only. Because water attracts and We go very near To it and Then Water comes and Takes us away or Within a Time we Get Drowned in water. Take selfie near water but First analyzed it that it is not so Deep or the waves are not coming Too Fast.Recently a news has came That Some people Drowned in Boat Due to Selfie . Because They were Extremely Enjoying But after Sometimes Due to their Enjoyment And Various Selfie Poses The Boat Got Disbalanced and Drowned inx Water. If They could have Taken some Safety. They would not have Drowned.So it Is Important That with Enjoyment we should be careful also and alert with this things.That Within One Moment wht Could Happen.

So if You are Taking a Great Selfie in The Outdoors, Beautiful Places , Natural Beauty and Adventure and Risky Places: Do Yourself a Favor: Take a Good Look at Your Surroundings, Get into A Safe Position and Point, and Then Break out The Phone To Snap Your Photo.If a cliff is Right Behind You,Let a Friend Do The Snapping. So Enjoy and Post More Selfies But Be careful and alert while Taking Selfies. Security should be More On Places which are Risky and Life Guards and Gothakhor should also Be there that will Prevent if Something mishappening Takes Place. But It is Also The Responsibility Of The People Who take Selfie To Be Careful and alert By Himself First and Be Safe also.
I have not written this To Frighten or Increasing Fear of Selfie But I have written this to aware You.Now I will end With this one Line :
Precaution is Better than Cure.

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