Blog on Story of Chaiwala to Becoming Prime Minister:

Posted by Shreyas Lokras
July 10, 2017

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Blog On Story of Chaiwala to Become Ultimate Prime Minister 😍😍
In the Past Many years India has Seen Lots of Prime Ministers From various Political Parties whether It is From BJP or Congress or From Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Manmohan Singh and also Earlier. But Nobody has Seen PM Like Shri Narendra Modi . His class and Stature is Different from others and Nobody can match what he has got and what he has Done for our Country .What a inspiring story From Teawala or Chaiwala To Becoming a PM. Pm like Narendra Modi born once in an era and changes the Whole System of The Country. He has Done what others could not have think or Dreamt of. Criticising a Person of a Stature of a PM is easy But Not appreciating Him. But Those who are criticising also Know that what he has Done or Doing they would have never Dreamt or Think of in Their Life.
Shri Narendra Modi was Born On 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar in Gujarat. Before becoming Pm of India He was the Chief Minister Of Gujarat. Now after Becoming Pm he has Done various Great Things For our Country Starting From Demonetization to Gst and still continuing. When People have thought that these things only could have thought of He had implemented and also applied. He has Taken more right Decisions than Wrong Decisions . He is also a Human being and Human Being can mistakes. But wht all he has Done Everyone should be proud Respect love and Admire Him For wht he is Doing For The Country.People say he is Doing For Himself But Why he Will Do For Himself. Critics also say he is wasting money and time by visiting to Foreign countries . But it is not the case By visiting foreign countries he is Developing strong relationship and Also creating Employment opportunities For The people . Now more achievements and Facts about our Honourable Pm which you know or not
1. He is the most popular On Twitter with more than 12 million followers on Twitter and He is a technosavy leader and most active on Social Media.
2.He had started Swatchha Bharat Mission To make India Clean .
3. Demonetization on Nov 8 was also a Great achievement in The Books for our Pm.
4 Surgical strike on Pakistan also an achievement.
5. Launch of GST on July 1 is also an achievement
6. Our Pm does not Drink and Smoke . He is purely vegetarian.
7. He is a Great Photographer too.
8.He had never took a Holiday During his 13 years of Tenure as Chief Minister For Gujarat.
9. Narendra Modi sleeps only for 4-5hours and wakes up at 5:30 Pm and he is a workaholic.
10.Narendra Modi Fasts for regular 9 Days in Navratri.
Apart from These there are various Facts But these were certain big and important facts and Achievements . If we count his small facts and Achievements it Will become countless. The Respect he Gets From Foreign Countries is awesome and If we hear His speech any time it will make our Day. What a speech he Gives. The confidence he shows when he meets someone or Gives his Speech in which language he gives is a Perfectionist and Remarkable and we could learn How much confident and charming at such an Young age of 67 years. The work he is doing continuously for our country is commendable. In 3 years from 2014 till now he has changed the Look of The country or The Development he has Done for The country and If 5 more Years in 2019 if he gets selected he will Definitely Change the look of The country and Country will never be the same again. The Big big Achievements we could Definitely see and he is a leader who is Determined and takes risks and strong Decisions which every leader cannot take. Some small small Things wht he is doing we could not see because we only see the Bigger picture. The aura is such Bigger of our Honourable Pm That where ever he goes whether in India or Outside India The people come in Large number to see a glimpse of Honourable Narendra Modi. China and Pakistan also Fears our Honourable Pm. He is also Doing certain Things to stop corruption and eradicate poverty and create unemployment. At some point of time He will Definitely win and achieve success on all These problems. Because These 3 are the most important problems of our country till now. He is also making India Clean with his swachh Bharat abhiyan. So how much he has done for our country now it’s our responsibility to make him won in 2019 and change our Country and Make the Most Development and Powerful Country in the world.I personally feel That in 2019 he should become the Pm once again. Because I see no one near and far against such a courageous and Dynamic Leader. He is truly a Motivator inspiror and Powerful Leader who Leads from the Front.So we should salute Respect Love and Admire such a Dynamic Personality Like Narendra Modi which is pure Diamond and rare to Find also.He is Gem of a Person. Now I will end with a Single Phase.
Actions Speaks Louder Than Words.

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