Bodyshame is Gross.

Posted by Vidhi Gulati
July 19, 2017

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While we move to a way developed and tech – friendly world, we are forgetting the beauty of human race. We have left behind the idea of a society where there should have been no differences based on the size, colour, gender or what not.

There’s a huge lot of people who are smart, intelligent and great by heart but ruin their lives all for the sake of settling in the society. They lack confidence. Nobody can change the fact that people are going to judge you for who you are, how do you look, how do you speak, move, eat, sit, etcetera etcetera! But the best you can do to deal with the pessimism is to learn the art of Self Love. If you can love yourself for the kind of a person you are and if you keep working on making yourself better each day for your own self, mark my words, you’ll be leading a very peaceful and joyous life till the end. Ego is one thing that makes you unsee the pretty world out there. No matter how perfect the other person is, you won’t appreciate the good in them. You would rather try to find the negative aspects. Will it help in making you any better? Trust me, it won’t! But then the question is what will? Trying everyday to grasp the good from other people, boost them up for their deeds and try to be a heartful Human will surely help.

Talking about Bodyshaming, the term in itself is very much unpleasant. Why do we expect everyone to be in a certain body shape? No body shape is an ideal one. Every other body, either fat or skinny or in between is beautiful. It is very unjustified to like one sort of shape and consider all others as unwanted or ugly. If a person loves to eat, no one should stop them from doing that. Food is the best thing God has ever made. Mind that. But yes, you should eat good to stay healthy. It’s natural how their body is made in a big size, not a fault they have committed. If somebody isn’t able to gain weight, don’t blame them. Making fun of a person’s body shape is one of the dumbest things one can do. Calling them ugly won’t make you any better than them. It rather makes you even lesser. We see a lot of cases where fat or skinny kids are bullied and called names. They lose their self confidence and become very conscious. They stop talking to anyone, don’t like themselves and indulge in wrong activities that turn to ruin their lives. What do we get out of this? Nothing. Just a moment of fun can destroy a very useful human. Fat isn’t an insult. Skinny can be a compliment. You don’t need to be a certain size for people to love you. Let the size of your heart increase enough for everyone to settle there. Try loving humans for who they are by nature and not by the looks they carry because everyone is created by God for a beautiful reason. Appreciate what someone does that will make them happy and the world a better place to live. Calling a fat person, “oh mote” or a skinny person, “eh sukhdi” won’t make you smart too. Just each other and celebrate being you!

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