Bol For Unity: A Telugu Reader Speaks About Communal Harmony

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July 29, 2017
A Telugu reader’s poem

From the blood of tired people, those in power play games of death.

Arrogance is given the permission and it results in victimisation (of the people).

When people who have nothing want to be happy with what they have

A strange drama unfolds with those

Who have plenty and try to amass more by dividing the people.

Times in the human jungle are changing along generations,

From untouchability to setting everything around on fire.

Our caste differences are taking food away from us.

Our religious differences are taking us further away from our soil.

Our region taken away by regional differences.

Who are we trying to satisfy with these differences in region, religion and caste?

Will their thirst ever be quenched?

One wonders when this trend will change!

When will Lok Kalyan* happen?

*Lok Kalyan means public welfare.

(This article was sent to The Quint by Satish Kumar Ravulapalli for our Independence Day campaign, BOL – Love your Bhasha. He works as a Software Engineer in a well reputed MNC. He loves to write poetry in his mother tongue Telugu.

Would you like to contribute to our Independence Day campaign to celebrate the mother tongue? Here’s your chance! This Independence Day, khul ke bol with BOL – Love your Bhasha. Sing, write, perform, spew poetry – whatever you like – in your mother tongue. Send us your BOL at or WhatsApp it to 9910181818.)

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