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My Kashmir , the Dying of The Light.

Posted by Shayani Sarkar
July 7, 2017

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My Kashmir the Dying of the Light- Wajahat Habibullah


Image result for kashmir The author of the book has spent most of his life in Kashmir . In this book he confronts the situation that India has been struggling to answer for decades  . What will be the fate of Kashmir ?

Kashmir has a rich cultural heritage , it has ethno diverse population. But it is also the only state where people have forgot how normal life exists . It is that state in India which has seen continuous wars , bloodshed , schools being closed  and people don’t know what tomorrow may bring .

The author also talks about the fact that even today Kashmir has not been able to come into  terms with the scars left behind in Partition.Further Kashmir has a rich cultural heritage , it has a ethno diverse population

The  author says that in history the term Kashmiriyat  was used to show  a common cultural heritage between Hindu and Muslims but after partition the practice of communal ism arose in the area .

Another point which the author points out in the book is that the presence of police and military is one of the main reasons why peace does not prevail In Kashmir .Inspite of all the political upheavals  the  author points out that slow but steady Kashmir is ready for progress .

The dream of democracy has died in Kashmir after the death of G.M. Sadiq. The author further says that after the death of G.M. Sadiq says that even though the elections were promised the results were not fair.




The book disregards the  conclusion that we had for years now that there can be no mediation ground in the fight for Kashmir between 2 countries – the book says that talks about  possibility of a dialogue has been since 2000 but has not been implemented or enforced probably because of difference of opinion about the meaning of settlement .Another possible reason for no mediation ground between India and Pakistan could be about lack of effective leadership . According to the Author Pakistan have not  seen a strong and effective leader after the death of Pervez Musharraf .

He also said that In India ( he spoke about the time till  Manmohan singh) he said India lacked political leadership and also after 26/11 there was no urge to speak about any mediation ground on the Kashmir Issue . The author further  urges us to think about “ who will represent Kashmir Aspirations . The author further emphasizes on the fact that proper policies are not been made in Kashmir because the policy makers are unaware about the history of Kashmir .Another reason why Kashmir is not flourishing is because different sectors of government are not working in coordination .

The author talks about the atmosphere of mistrust between the Indian Government and the people of Kashmir ,he also suggests that if by peaceful means the issue can be resolved then Kashmir will only grow as a tourist .The author concludes by making a few recommendations-

Kashmir has tremendous economic potential and it can be realized through different techniques such as bringing organizations like World Bank to invest in Kashmir .

If the principle of Azadi is to be realized in Kashmir then the principle of 73 and 74 amendment in other words the principle of decentralization needs to be implemented.If the youth needs to be integrated in the mainstream then more jobs needs to be created for the people of Kashmir.

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Overall the book gives a successful account of the history of Kashmir – the 2 nation theory agreement , the history of insurgency , the history about Kashmiri Pandit and the launch of Hizbul -Ul- Mujahadeen . Overall it is a must read for researchers working in the area of Kashmir , student and anybody interested in this area .

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