Bootstrapped B2b Platform Indiqus Ditched Boutique Consulting To Become A Cloud Solutions

Posted by James Rivard
July 4, 2017

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Delhi-based IndiQus changed its mindset and set out to transform itself from a systems integrator into a product company that provides private cloud platforms to large enterprises.

Sunando Bhattacharya, KB Shiv Kumar and Swati Samaddar have been friends and colleagues in the IT/IT services industry for the past 17 years. In 2013, Sunando, who was working in the cloud and virtualisation space, observed that while the adoption of cloud and virtualisation was quite good, it was all centred on proprietary technologies like VMware.

“FOSS (free and open source software) adoption was quite poor ad we wanted to change that. Also, given our deep domain knowledge in managed cloud services, we wanted to create a more open and flexible solution that service providers could adopt to enhance their returns on investment,” says Sunando.


That wasn’t enough, though. As an out-and-out enterprise and service provider solution without an explainer video, they had no play in the boxed solutions business. Sunando explains,

“We are therefore here to bring together various tools that are used to manage a cloud, put it in a logical workflow and convert it to a customer-facing tool. Additionally, we started building software that will eventually replace our services, albeit in a more limited and less personalised way. We wanted to do all this without having the need to have a large team of consultants to set up the cloud, integrate other applications, data analytics, etc. The solution had to be lean.”

What do they offer?

The team soon evolved their business model to service the larger cloud service providers, smaller service providers, telcos, managed service providers as well as enterprises, with different platforms and combination for each of these segments. For the enterprise, IndiQus offers an integration platform (iPaaS) that allows them to connect disjointed systems (e.g., AWS infrastructure and Zoho sales pipelines) and get a holistic view of business and infrastructure health.

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