Can China also contribute to quality construction related work in India?

Posted by Shakti Saran
July 19, 2017


INDIA: A mother with her little child got worried and scared in the elevator of her apartment complex as it stopped due to electricity cut. She kept pressing the warning bell and said that it can stop for ten minutes and people can get stuck. After the elevator started, there was issue with the door at the next stop and she got off at the next stop and climbed up the stairs to her floor. I was also in the elevator. I was making a video about it while climbing up the stairs thinking that’s a good idea. My iPhone storage was over so the recording stopped. Please see the short video

Someone who works with me in Security had shared today morning about China contributing to Metro work in India.

Do you think China can also contribute to quality construction related work in India?

I just Google’d “china’s most expensive construction” and got this article on 1st page

Do you know any top Indian companies bringing Chinese companies for construction work in India?

Do you know how the top Indians grow and enjoy including air, water, food, milk and other things they get?

It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


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