Child abuse

Posted by Hiteishi Jayswal
July 9, 2017

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Oh yeah right, it’s 2017 “the 21st century”… 

But still India is a country where Indians are not even aware of child abuse, strange!! Child sexual abuse is not only physical harassment but also mental harassment. Many children are not given information about these things by their surroundings and when it happens it just destroys them. It ruins them. Most probably the assailant is familiar. When children are not able to handle it, they even go for suicides.  A kind of  fear is stemmed in the victim. They are actually not able to overcome it.

We cannot blame anyone else for the same. It happens because we, the surrounding of children, let that happen. We can definitely stop it but the bitter fact is that we DON’T. Why? What stops us to raise voice against child abuse?

We need to spread awareness about this. We need to make children understand the difference between the touches of the loved ones and the evil ones. And if still the bad happens to them then we should always be with them and assure them that they are safe and secure. They can become fearless and touch the heights of success. We need to get them justice. This is not the matter which can be digged off easily! We need to go to its roots and sort it out rather than just to dig it off!

Parents should have weekly workshops with their children so that they can explain them the wrong things going on in this world correctly. This can even improve the bonding between parents and their child. Children thereafter can share with their parents the smallest wrong thing they see or sense. If children are alert and let their parents know about the wrong persons around them, then of course parents can help them.

Sometimes it happens where the assailant, being a family member,  is not punished. Merely due to the reason that he is a part of the family, his evil actions are overlooked. The child expects emotional support from the family but it’s the family only which destroys them internally by not getting their child justice and overlooking the mistakes of the assailant. This can just throw the victim to the lowest level of confidence. Subsequently  their life becomes such a hell where they live in a suffocation.

The people around can hear all silence but little do they know that there are many questions shouting in the mind, searching everywhere for the answer…..

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