Choices. Decisions. Doing the math. Black and White?

Posted by Ashwin Kosaraju
July 27, 2017

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You’ve probably read a billion articles like this one. Ones that talk about life and choices and how it’s all up to you. YOU are in the driver’s’ seat. You write the rules. So if all this was rolled into one big sphere of thoughts and if that sphere was to be cut in half. You end up with two parts, one-half that makes complete sense and is totally in sync with what I’ve mentioned earlier. And another filled with a hot heaping pile of horse shit. It’s true.

I mean, Think about it. REALLY. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Of which, 1.25 billion and counting solely rest in India. And Bangalore independently houses a whopping 4.3 million people. But no, forget these numbers, right? As long you have 600 likes on Facebook and probably half of that on Instagram – you’re good to go. Yes, you can stand out. In fact, let’s feed you a little more unicorn juice. You can be solely responsible for changing the face of the earth. Forget Bangalore. You can drive the entire world, my friend. Bake a cake while you’re at it.

The reason for this pessimism is simple. Heroes go unnoticed. No, not your standard lifesavers – more like the guy that saves you from tripping on the metro. Or the woman that gives you the wallet that fell out of your back pocket. The small precious number of people that do stay true to what they believe in – somehow manage to formulate a change. Like a Uniform Civil Code perhaps. And if that change does not get written over – it’s eventually modified. Follow that drift. 

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