Couldn’t have survived if my mom wasnt there.

Posted by Drishti Maan
July 17, 2017

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I am 17 years old and just passed high school. Last year , I had a fight with my friends. Every group fights but this was a nightmare. After a month , it turned into a war , deadly one. A War to survive in school. Rumours started forming. People started looking at me with a different vision. One day , after reaching home , I checked my mail box. Literally tears were rolling down as I scrolled. There mails saying that I am a slut , a whore , a losers. Those mails contained such words which killed from inside. It didn’t stop there. It continued on snapchat , Facebook , Instagram , everywhere. My “friends” started putting captions about me. But the most scariest part was when my pictures were photoshopped and posted. It wasn’t easy for me to go through that. I was shattered. Pre boards were going and I could only score 61%. Seeing such marks my mother talked to me. I finally told her. She didn’t take a big step as such. She told me to ignore and wait for the right time to shut these people down in the right way. I did shut them by scoring good , getting the best college. I told my teacher about it. Strict action was taken against them. Online bulling , abusive mails still continue and I have complaint about them too. One must not be afraid of this. Stand up and fight against such losers.

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