Curb the Caste system

Posted by Khyati Gautam
July 7, 2017

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The announcement made by Bharatiya Janta Party regarding their nomination for the elite and illustrious post of President of India took everyone by the surprise.

Ramnath Kovind, the Governor of Bihar, is the NDA’s candidate for the Presidential elections to be held……. He is a devoted leader and politician from BJP. A lawyer by profession, he is the prime spokesperson of the ruling party. He is the son of a farmer and his humble upbringing reflects in his lifestyle towards the backward strata of the society.

As soon as the news broke about the filing of nominations by BJP, people took over to social media to discuss the ‘caste’ of the would-be President. This sounds absurd but this is what that happened!

In response to the unexpected nomination from BJP, the INC-led opposition party made a counterattack by announcing Meira Kumar as their candidate for the President of India. The battle is now dalit vs dalit, as media reported. The media is not interested in discussing the abilities of the two esteemed personalities, their flair for holding and sustaining the reputable position. Rather the minds are shifted towards talking about the crucial aspect of the two intellectuals – both of them are DALITS!

It is disheartening to witness the gross mindset that is still prevalent in India. According to the knowledge of the citizens, caste plays an important role in determining and choosing the right one. After a long span of time since we achieved independence, we are still chained in age-old beliefs. This is pathetic. The modern culture has been flourishing steadfastly but it failed to bring a transition in the stubborn minds that still revolves around the pillar of Caste System.

There’s a lot of buzz about the impact of these elections will have on the well-being of the nation. It is the sheer idiosyncrasy of the folks that is eventuating into such shallow confabulations amidst the country. Much of stress has been put to mull over the pros and cons of appointing a Dalit as the President. The only question that follows this upsurge in the emotions of the folks is that why are we still stuck on the trivial thought of Caste System?

At this juncture, when a great deal of evolution is taking place and the country is en route to development, why does the futile and pernicious idea of caste system still pester us? Both Kovind and Meira come from humble backgrounds. They are educated and enlightened individuals. They have charted their political career remarkably and held respectable demeanor in their respective arenas. We must be hopeful of the incredible development of nation once one of them becomes the President of India.


As the time has progressed by leaps and bounds, we must ensure that the most suitable and deserving one makes it to the top-notch position in India. Let the pest of caste not infect our minds. We ought to grow. Moreover, we need to change. Indulge in conversations that focus on the capabilities of the candidate and not on their caste. And the Media must turn more tolerant and sensible towards what does it report. An exiguous issue is given plenty of attention that seems distasteful. The media needs to come of age and fulfill its duties of a fair and just entity.


Sit back and wipe off the caste etched in your minds and wait to see how these political gimmicks pan out!

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