Dale of Ruins

Posted by Bee S Hamaddi
July 26, 2017



Like a fly he fell

And a cry in the trembled air

The lions roar silent…

Bloody Cashmere; her voice fumbled

“The light is dead”

I lost him. He is nowhere,

Mourners said, “martyrs don’t die” but where did he go?

Where did he disappear? Where can I meet him?


If he didn’t die, then where is he? I’ve tried enough to trace him.

Every errand has failed me. Every find left me hopeless,

Now on this bloody road, I wait for his return

Which he may never choose.


Gowhar was coming; He didn’t tell us.

I’m angry I didn’t bid him farewell,

I’m angry lacs like him left,

They died!!
With them were left-angry mothers and silent sisters

And an eerie silence

That drenched my city in sorrow, the madness that even braved death,
They might be lacs in number, I’ve lost the track

I’m not counting anymore, I’ve buried enough

Who’ll narrate the tale of my love

Who’ll tell how many died
In burden of corpses the gravedigger buries himself

Burying the unfortunate

The sons and daughters, mothers and fathers

Buried in ghost towns with numbers as names

In our palatial hearts, they remain

Like a memory of a faded infant dream

Burning Cashmere that was once a tourist heart


Now I see from my half open eyes,

The smoke of window and doors,

It burns

The muezzin is dead.

Who’ll come this path

To listen to which never happened

I’m on these holy roads

Holy that they smell of blood

Far away in mountains is Faraz

He looks to the other side

The shepherd waves “We are good”

Their houses rubble, their women cry

Golden Chinar looks for its lonely traveler

The tourist of his destiny,

His broken twigs fall on my promised land

Dulacha has returned and our snow is weak.

Richana is dead. Their shrieks don’t let me sleep


I’m calling for help from the peaks of Harmukh,

The rain that’ll never reach

“I’m still alive”

And father said Moses will come

To slay Pharaoh,


Through the mountains the messiah never came

And I wait here to welcome a stranded explorer



The ambulance steals my peace,

And a million mourners roar

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