Danger for democracy awaiting if the signals are misread.

Posted by Subhajit Pal
July 12, 2017

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John Stuart Mills once cautioned citizens not ‘to lay their liberties at the feet of even a great man, or to trust him with powers which enable him to subvert their institutions.’

Perhaps this warning is most relevant in the world’s largest democracy now than ever before. With continuous attacks more on a psychological scale on the oppressed class, the secular liberty of the Constitution is under threat. Since 2014 as time has passed the deadlier the situation has become, within every major incident or accident a subvert smell of theatrics becomes more and more prominent hinting towards a possible pogrom in the offing.

With the two latest incidents in the two distant parts of the country, the motive of mob lynching is becoming clearer. What is more interesting is that like 2002 this time a similar kind of effort is being made throughout the country but certain blatant mistakes are ruining the plan of institutional lynching. Calling a Governor of a State a worker of a political party or an inspired warrior of a self-proclaimed demigod is absolutely foolish of the party spokesperson, this shows the immaturity of the leaders. Moving on to another episode another all India spokesperson was found photo bombing Twitter with irrelevant images ultimately landing herself into legal trouble. Now the point is that for how long will this continue in a democracy? A nation’s government cannot sustain itself when the federal structure is losing its base, where a neo-fascist regime is setting its tone. The needs of the hour are more protests like #notinmyname but in a more mass friendly manner where even the oppressed lower-middle class can fit into and can find a proper representation. With greater penetration in the movements, there will be greater dissent and the true characteristic of a democracy will only then be established. Otherwise, with liberties laid at wrong hands will land the nation into chambers of horror and its history will write its chapters in blood.

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