Dear Men, We don’t hate you !

Posted by Bhumika Barve
July 17, 2017

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They say, the ‘moods’ of the box office change every Friday. Oh, now don’t judge me and this post just by the first line you read. No I am not a huge bollywood buff and I am not going to try to be that critic everyone hates or be the crazy fan and promote something. But in recent times, my timeline on all social platforms seems flooding with ‘A Middle finger holding a lipstick’. Yes, Lipstick Under My Burkha, I am talking about. I am utmost happy with the fact that finally, this movie got a certificate and a release date. But, this equally makes me sad or rather tensed at the fact that why we actually need movies to showcase women rights. The movie which wins an award for ‘best movie on women rights’ and many more, is denied a release in India stating that, “The story is lady oriented, their fantasy above life. There are contagious [sic] sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit sensitive touch about one particular section of society”.

Why is it that, art, of any form, which should actually create some awareness, or educate us with something is just used for ‘Keep your brain out site the theatre’ entertainment and movies like LUMB are even denied certificates ! Why is it that movies like, Dil Chahta hai or ZNMD get all the attention and those like Angry Indian Goddesses or Sonata still go unheard !
I know, by now, most of you (men) , have already made up your mind to not read this post further, as I might seem to be just cribbing about female rights on a broader scale.

But Dear Men,

I don’t really understand the fact that, why is it that you are absolutely fine with your male chauvinist society but can’t stand a feminist. Are you, afraid of loosing your position and thus your ego doesn’t allow you to stand by ? Why is it that we have to beg for our rights, protest and march and document just for our equality. Sad ! Isn’t it ? We are in no way trying to prove that we are smarter, stronger, more capable than you. But why don’t you get the fact that we are no less, either. Why is it that we still live in ‘The Men’ s World’, why not create ‘Our World’ now. Why is equality such  a huge thing. Let’s just live together, happily, in peace. I am not trying to generalise and state that ‘All men are the same’. But then, why is that the good sane lot, isn’t actively involved to bring in equality. Why are those just sitting back relaxing, munching their set of popcorn and commenting om the deteriorating state of the society. How long are we supposed to just patiently wait, stay silent, try out things to grab attention, and beg for our own rights ?  How long are we expected to explain that, we don’t hate you, neither are we trying to take away your esteemed ​position ! I also know the fact that feminism is a process and not just a noun. But, let’s just start this now. Start, to never stop, till we reach the point from where, it’s all equal and good.

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