Posted by Nida Sumra
July 26, 2017

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I have  been waiting for a while,

For a true simple smile.

What is the purpose of my journey,

I am thinking while lying on this gurney.

Will I survive,

Or is it the time to fly.

Don’t hold my hand,

Because time is slipping by just like sand.

Let me be alone for a while,

I want to bid farewell with a true simple smile…..

Depression ! What comes in your mind when you think about this word ? Ohh my! She/he is sad. Leave her/him  alone. Ohh my girl! you need some time. Son give time, the time it needs and all will be fine.. Hang out with friends, go to your favourite restaurant, you will be fine. Spend sometime with nature, go out for a vacation! All will be fine; but wish, a mere wish, you know that the depressed soul, if only could be healed so easily. Depression is not loneliness, it is not a soul which requires solitude, it is not mere sadness whose antidote is happiness. It’s cure is not just dining out in ones favourite restaurant, hanging out with friends and then boom! All will be fine..

Depression is a soul crying, every night going to bed praying to not see the light of the next day.  Depression wrenches one from inside. The soul, the person wants help but the fear, that the society will not understand makes them sit in one corner and then do what? Just cry..Depression eats one from inside. The judgemental society, the nagging friends, the family pressure, be successful, be happy and the depressed soul asking how ?

It is a feeling when you are standing in front of the mirror, with swollen eyes, running nose,  throbbing head, screaming, if only the way you are appearing would explain exactly what you are feeling without any words.

It is a constant cry, a sight of razor and the thought what if I use this to slash my wrist! It is when you reach out to kill yourself, try to attempt something so horrific and people blaming Ohh my! She is doing it just for some attention. She is selfish, so easy to end one’s life and passing the tragedy onto the loved ones. Do you really think it is so easy to just end one’s life? Is it so easy not to think about your loved ones? But I ask the very loved ones where are they when the person shouts for help, sometimes a cry, sometimes dropping subtle hints. Hello people are you out of your minds? Why will someone bear such excruciating pain just for some attention and that too from those people who are not even remotely able to understand the depressed soul, how hollow they feel from inside.

This is a shout to all the people reading this, depression exists and it is not mere sadness which can be cured by some peppy talks. Reach out to them, talk to them, hear, listen to their stories, know what is bothering them, hold them, hug them, counsel them.

For after a life is lost other than feeling sorry and all my Ohh! she was such a good person, she was just not strong enough to deal with life. Nothing can bring the lost soul to life again.

Depressed souls are not weak souls they are just tired souls and we all need some motivation in life, some need more and others just move on…..

Depression is a person shouting to the world:

What should I say,

Where words fail.

Where emotions lose.

Where tears have no value.

Where I am not me.

Depression is trying to find oneself behind the shadows of darkness.

Help them!






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