Do Not Try This In Real Life, Seriously.

Posted by Akshaya Parthasarathy
July 6, 2017

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There it is, staring at you, victoriously as it stops you from doing what you had initially planned on. And there you are, staring back, helpless and forced to go through the entire process, of what seems to be the longest 2 minutes of your life.

It is, the unavoidable, and most importantly, un-skippable, beauty product advertisements on YouTube.

Now I’m not saying that all of the advertisements put up make you feel the need for the “Skip The Ad” button, I do agree that lots of thought goes into many of them and you do feel like watching them.

But then, there are those that make you question what went wrong with humanity in the first place. And that’s where the rate at which we want to click the ‘Skip the Ad’ button becomes directly proportional to how nonsensical certain adverts can get.

Take Elle18’s latest color-booster lipstick ad. Anushka Sharma and her friends are extremely tired after their 6 hour train journey to wait in line for a cab. However, with the help of nothing but Sharmaji’s Elle18 glossed lips, that obviously lasts for 6 hours (conveniently according to their journey), they convince some absolutely strange men to give them a ride. A guy, mesmerized by her intensely coloured lips, obligingly opens the doors to his car.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there should be a “Do not try this in real life” warning at the end of these advertisements?

And do I even need to explain the ridiculousness of men’s body sprays?

I have always wondered if there is some kind of super magnet mixed in the contents of the spray which attracts all the iron in the body of the nearest female that he wishes to impress.

Imagine the future of fairness creams…

“Introducing fairness creams for babies too!”

“Presenting to you, XYZ fairness baby cream so that your baby can be fairer than all other babies from Japan, Dubai, and Singapore!”

I mean, how convenient it would be to have our beauty products get us through all the difficulties in life.

Can’t find a suitable partner? Just spray on this “get-a-groom” deodorant and your life is set.

Having trouble making friends? Oh just wash your face with the “approval-with-fairness” face cream and you’ll be the popular one!

Want to be impressive in an interview? Well, why don’t you just use the “made-for-interviews” face wash  to directly get appointed?

Because thank god for these absolutely reasonable adverts on beauty products without which, I would never have thought of such simple, mainstream solutions for all problems in life.

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