Dreams Are Fulfilled When You Wake up and Chase Them!

Posted by Sayesha Nayar
July 14, 2017

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No Age for Spinning the Wheel of Success!

Some people say to us that – it is a mindful masterstroke by the marketing marvels! Too big a moniker for us; but yes, we firmly believe that, it is not only a veteran’s job; even someone with little exposure can delve into the corporate race with great expertise. We were just 20 something college students, who saw a dream and chased it! Our dream was to build a company; and today, we are pleased that our dream is somewhat accomplished as our company has gone beyond the standard marketing conventions.


The work highlight of SHAMOOR is to create an innovative brand philosophy. It is a way of merging the rationale of our left brains with the creativity of our right brains for nurturing or establishing a great story around any business entity, which would be targeted at all the touch points of the consumers of that particular brand.


This venture was initiated by us, 2 students of Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) – Akash Jai Singh and Surbhi Jain. Expertise amalgamated with skill, SHAMOOR is today a creative force behind many business entities, wherein, it undertakes to blend Integrated Marketing Communication with crystal-clear consumer insights for building leading brands. The workflow kick-starts by applying a strategic approach focusing the consumers first, and then reinforcing the context of particular brand through audience-engaging marketing campaigns, and culminates by deciding the essential campaign platforms for the purpose of activation.

Envisioned to Excel!

SHAMOOR’s vision is to tap maximum marketing potential for business houses as well as individuals through their out-of-the-box designs and strategies utilizing platforms, which include heavy online component, strategic alliances, PR events, and various other offline activities too. We, at SHAMOOR, firmly believe that there are numerous ways of communicating with consumers and to make it all happen; business houses today need a foolproof concept design and umbrella strategy, both working in harmony.

How Did It All Happen?

Even before we founded SHAMOOR, we were mere college mates. With a proper alignment in our vision of executing something extraordinary, we finally realized that we can work it up this way. Our creative insights got us into the launch of a handicraft start-up way back in the year 2013; and within the 1st month only, we were able to generate a 300% return over our initial investment. We then automated that handicraft business in the next eight months. The entry-gate was opened and now we realized that we could also sell our creativity, strategically. Our expertise in Design and Strategy took us to various experimental projects involving graffiti, branding, and several other creative alliances. Our idea gained momentum and we then started taking up individual projects too and found an amazing potential in the field. And, this is how SHAMOOR came into existence. “Beyond Creative”, and it is indeed! A 3-year old company now, SHAMOOR was started with the notion of creating a dent in the marketing industry with the most powerful tool – “Strategic Design.”

It Was a Tough Road!

Initially, as we began, it was somewhat difficult for us to maintain balance between our studies, family and the business. But, eventually, things started taking shape and the struggle bore fruits as the start-up took off! While scaling up, the major concern with any start-up is of team building, because no matter how good your idea is, how great your funding is – if it is all not backed up with a good foundation team with a blend of fine personalities, you are seen closing the shutters soon. But we were fortunate in that sense; right people got associated with us, who aligned themselves with the idea as well as with the company. Starting and running any new business is an upheaval task in itself, and doing it in your twenties becomes a herculean task altogether, as you need to give time in college, you are less connected and less experienced than your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s counterparts; but it was all worth the effort and risk!

The Idea Rocked!

Whether it is B2B entity or a bricks and mortar organizational partner, or if any enterprise is envisaging strong customer loyalty, SHAMOOR delves deeply into the history of the clients to create impactful sales of their businesses and along with that builds an unsurpassed reputation in their work sector. Team SHAMOOR is proudly associated with a vast range of clients from diversified domains and various industries verticals, situated in different geographical locations. Our experience spans from retail to services, manufacturing, food, news and even to media, entertainment, corporate and distribution. Executed more than 1000 projects till date successfully, 350 account to last 1 year itself and currently engaged with over 50 Companies for their round-the-year brand campaigns. Allied to companies like Zomato, Mobikwik, PayTM, and Treebo Hotels; we have also closed an angel investment of 3 crore INR only recently.

Our Work Ethos!

While doing our market research prior to the establishment, we felt that many Indian companies today are quite well-established in their niches but still they are facing very aggressive competition from leading International players; and these companies are truly promising for our Indian market; but, for building strong credibility as well as great recognition, there is a need of be more; more than just their quality-enriched products and services! This is exactly where SHAMOOR comes into picture, fine-tuning their brand awareness, brand essence; with consistent market outreach. Every business has the potential to grow, but “how?” Well! If you observe closely, the marketing & advertising industry is quite scattered in our country with various start-ups providing independent services. In all this chaos, SHAMOOR is one entity that would differentiate the businesses from the market chaos by providing a 360-Degree holistic approach of marketing services, which will truly cover all the aspects including internet marketing, paid advertising, viral campaigns, outdoor marketing campaigns as well as strategic alliances; to build a story keeping the customers connected to the brands. Many a times, companies who have already tried marketing, do not really know the depth of it! A common problem addressed by most start-ups is – how to connect and communicate with various vendors for their specific marketing needs. This is where SHAMOOR makes an entry into the game and wins over with end-to-end marketing strategies and their execution for particular businesses!

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