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A Way of Happiness Educational Society, founded on 24th June 2016, is a not for profit non-governmental organization, run by a group of members of  the society. We have a great team of 7 members and 20 employees who work together to achieve the dream of creating a better society by imparting non formal education to the youth.


Our vision lies in the fact that education is the prime factor that is important in the life of any person. Anyone and everyone have the right to gain the blessing of a power named Education. Every child is born to bring a change in the world. We envisioning a society permeated with the spirit of brotherhood, in which its members help each other create a sustainable and harmonious environment, improving their lives through raised awareness of co-dependency and connectivity with their surroundings as well as globally.


  • To provide a quality education to all the students .
  • To create an environment where every child feels encouraged to study.
  • To increase a level of awareness for education in the best possible manner.
  • To nurture the dreams of innocent children.


In our work, we use non-formal education methods to bring the school closer to youngsters. Learning, after all, should be interactive and engaging, sparking curiosity and breeding a healthy relationship with attaining knowledge. This way we can ensure lifelong learning because of the newly awoken desire for the learning process to continue. Through a broad-minded attitude like this, an individual is able to not only act upon fulfilling his needs but also be a binding agent and promoter of change in the society.

With the mission of improving the society through education AWOHES is doing its part to educate the youth using non formal education techniques. This society was founded on the belief that quality education is the undeniable right of every child. And giving this education we can ensure lifelong learning because of the newly awoken desire for the learning process to continue.

Education is a part of one’s life and it’s constant. Sometimes we don’t even see all the things from which we educate ourselves and learn new things, but this helps us to increase, develop new skills and to handle everyday situations. And we aim to help the youth to achieve this through our teaching techniques. This is why we are providing quality school syllabus related classes and extracurricular activities for all members of our society, mainly children and youth.


  • Classes for children and youth

Taking place in our activity centre in Sangam Vihar, the activities are designed partly for personality development and connecting young people to their surroundings, society and the world, and partly as remedial classes, especially for learning, revising and practicing English. Classes are performed daily, from Monday to Friday, 2-3 hours per day. Everything we do is through methods for non-formal learning, be it through games, interactive activities and sometimes letting older participants take up teacher’s place. Learning should, after all, be fun and engaging. According to our participants, the classes are enjoyable, and the kids are able to attain knowledge easily.

  • Activities in Yamuna apartments

It started as weekly meetings, continued as a survey within the locality, and escalated to locals’ desire to take part in our activities. Currently, we are conducting daily exercise classes for anyone willing to participate, and evening games and learning. In the case of increased interest in our activities amongst local women, we will prepare content for them accordingly.


  • Women
  • Arts, culture and sports.
  • Education
  • Skill development and livelihood.


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