Effect Of Ultranationalism: Do We Need Reforms

Posted by Zubair Rashid
July 22, 2017

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In ambit of numerous trends nowadays, one trend stands tall. Whether one scrolls down the feed on social media or observes the debates that encircles the wisdom of human instincts, “Nationalism” finds its place in one way or the other. There is an exaggerated hue and cry about the horizons of nationalism everywhere. In a large democracy like India, nationalism has been made subjected to various activities. Activities may include hobbies, way of expression, of how one dresses and many more personal things. 
  Nationalism reflects the thinking of an individual and his stand of helping a nation build, develop and safeguard integrity of the country. It acts as an intra-human bridge that is important for the rise of the county. 
Nowadays, Nationalism is not being explained in those terms. Nationalism has been exaggerated and presented in such a way that it has started to affect India in general and the process of secularism in particular. While India is very proud of her secular character, it has been found wanting simultaneously. Moreover, the process of how nationalism is being forced upon the citizens is very alarming. Consequently, some political scientists have started to feel that there is concept of imperialism coming ages again. Some believe, imperialism is taking such a curve where it may result Un collapsing of the state of India.
   As has been witnessed during British period, the policies that concerned nationalism largely, had consequently divided India into many ideologies and sects. Imperialism has made India to suffer finds its roots in the era of east India company. Policies like Division of Bengal, Separate communal electorate etc had a drastic impact on the whole system. 
     The ultimate outcome of imperialism is nationalism. Nationalism in its extended form is a threat; ultranationalism. Political scientists have agreed on terms that the wave of ultranationalism is helping the cause of rise in imperialism. People have started to differentiate on the concept of nationalism thoroughly. There is a fear of disintegration among common masses. More of intra human conflict are the results of ultranationalism. 
There have been instances where nationalism of people have been deemed in ambit of many materialistic things. There have been instances when nationalism of people has been subjected to how they eat. Recently, beef has been trending on the national charts. People are being harassed for eating beef. If anyone does enjoy the beef, their nationalism is questioned. This inclusion of  ultranationalism mindset has resulted in instigation of numerous communal riots at various places. Thus, Making sure that dignity and patriotism of individual is dented. 
  Similarly, Dress code has also contributed to the cause of ultranationalism. Since, India is a diverse country. Many cultures exist here, supporting different ideologies and lifestyles. Some cultural lifestyle that doesn’t match the wishes of the ultra  nationalists is being forced to change it. They are either lynched or harmed in other ways. This mindset can pose lot of problems in the near future. It can also result in the disintegration of the nation.
Moreover, nationalism has also been subjected to the likes and dislikes, favorites or non favorites and practices of an individual. If a person supports any nation other than India in some sporting event, his nationalism is not only doubted but he is told to shift to that very country. This trend has took off recently. Everyday some person is told to leave India due to his likes or dislikes. There has been rise in intolerance of late in India. Some practices are also declared as anti national. Many communal riots has been instigated due to prevailing ultranationalism of majority of the people. 
In a diversified country as India is, where there is an instant need of creating space for inclusions and contributing towards peace and harmony, people have decided to show no tolerance towards the diversity.
   However, there seems people have not understood things very vividly. Constitution of India has clearly explained that India is a nation that withholds and believes in diversity of religion, ideologies, beliefs and cultures. Although, people have blown the thought out of proportion. 
   As BR Ambedkar remarked that if there is any problem that may arise in ambit of constitution; we should understand that it is us who have failed the constitution and not the constitution. Thus, reformation of constitution is not needed.

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