Eliminating sexism Really?

Posted by Swathi Ramesh
July 20, 2017

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Right now in India, we are standing at the stagnant notion of eliminating sexism(atleast in the exterior view), together with the world of course. I say stagnant because all the people who are coming out of their stereotyped society in favour of this elimination are facing equal challenges from those who still believe that women are typecasts to do only specific tasks decided by men.

The worst happens when such egoistic people are sitting at the helm of affairs of bigger institutions that have the capacity to bring direct impact on the people. A clear evidence is available right in front of us, when the movie “Lipstick under my Burqa” was restricted because it was “lady oriented”! I still do not get what they meant by such unacceptable decision.

The world just won’t walk forward if men become the pioneers of every single thing. Striking a balance is as important as breathing of air to survive in this world. Infact, it is a shame on the menarchy that such movies have to be made to bring some sense to the gender that considers itself “The God”. Ego, grief and awkwardness is within oneself. Why are them being imposed on others as well so that you are proved right? Isn’t it another proof of your fear of losing control and power?

Thankfully, generations past, there are now men in our country who believe and work for equal rights to women and do not typecast females as just a household object.

The question being raised here is that are such men who still remain sexist, deserving enough to sit in such respectable positions, whose decisions could bring an impact on the public directly or indirectly?

If yes, then how can we expect the elimination of sexism to happen in India? Think India. Think!


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