Enchanting Kashmir

Posted by Shah Waqar
July 31, 2017

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Why Kashmir is enchanting for outsiders. Is it its natural beauty or unique culture or both?
As a child i seldom realized about the uniqueness of the place i was living in. For me Kashmir was simply my home. As i grew, i began to realize the importance of the place i was living in. As i grew further an important question began to creep up in my mind, why Kashmir enchanted outsiders?
There are many reasons that make Kashmir enchanting for an outsider.For them high up in the mountains which are difficult to pass lies a beautiful valley called Kashmir. However unlike other mountainous region their experience of Kashmir is quite unique not only because of its mesmerizing beauty but also because of its enchanting and unique culture.A culture formed due to intermingling of some of the world’s greatest culture but still uniquely different.What makes Kashmiri people unique is that unlike other mountainous people Kashmiris have never been known for their warfare but for their scholarly and artistic milestones.Be it in Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim eras Kashmir has been refuge of people who have come here in pursuit of spirituality and knowledge. Kashmir always welcomed these people and influences with open arms. They brought with them their own cultures which rather than dominating each other intermingled in perfect harmony to create a unique and highly developed culture.It is not only the mountains,meadows or snow which enchants them but rather the sight of a unique and developed culture that enchants them.
Historically Kashmir’s isolation kept it always unique but the flow of scholarly men and women ensured that Kashmir was at par with other cultures. However in modern times we have started to lose our uniqueness and enchantment due to adoption of alien cultures, languages and lifestyle.This does not refer to modernism but rather to suppression of Kashmiri culture by its own people whose minds have been moulded in such a way that they have began to consider aspects of their own culture as inferior. To be modern we do not need to adopt other cultures,we can be modern in our way, in a uniquely Kashmiri way. Kashmir now for centuries have been ruled by foreigners and these have always tried to give us a feeling that our culture,language,customs and lifestyle is inferior to them. The real fact is that Kashmir historically has been one of the most cultured place in the world having its unique lifestyle of which we should be proud. We should introspect into ourselves and should see ourselves from the outsider’s view. Then only we can know how unique and enchanting we are. This uniqueness needs to be preserved by none other than us. Our culture should be modern and at par with rest of world but more importantly it should be uniquely Kashmiri, beautiful and enchanting.

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