Enough of dance between anger and Sadness !!!!

Posted by Akshay Goyal
July 22, 2017

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It’s Monday morning and Imagine that you are sitting at your work station. What a scary situation it is!!! You are feeling little sad and thinking why again Monday?? If this situation describes your state of mind than you are the one who should read this article.

Mood swings are the part of every individual’s life on this planet. Whether it’s Monday morning or a normal day at your business or you are just taking rest at home. Whatever may be the situation sometime or the other we all experience mood swing.

This situation is described through a concept called CRAZY 8 by Tony Robbins. We all experience a situation when we think Oh my God!! In which situation I caught up in? We feel clue less about the ways of coming out from this situation. We start losing our control upon our emotions. Sometimes we become angry and sometime we experience sadness. We dance from anger to sadness and sadness to anger. I am sure we will not be enjoying this dance.

The responses we choose during these situations are attempts to regain control over the situation or at least we are try to convince our self that we are gaining control. But in reality it does not happen.

Most people are going or have gone through some form of crazy 8 in their life. One of the reasons of getting in this bubble is hormonal changes. When I become sick I generally footballed myself from anger to sadness and sadness to anger. When we are tired or less at energy, it is more likely to feel this crazy 8.

When we pour our whole energy to come out from any particular situation, but somehow we fail; we go into sadness and then sadness turns into anger. And sometimes it is so deep that some people go into depression too.

In order to break out of this loop, you have to ask certain questions to yourself!! Is there any particular situation which triggers sadness? Are you feeling low at energy in this loop? Is this loop checking you to move forward in your life? If you want to find the answers of these questions guided coaching is something you should look for!! If you are one of them who are dancing in crazy 8 and not able to figure out how to break that!! Do write to me at my mail address akshaygoyal24@yahoo.in or you can drop one message at my number 8800214310.

I wish you a transformational life ahead !!!


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