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July 15, 2017

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Theoretically, existential nihilism is the philosophical theory that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, existential nihilism suggests that a single human or even the entire human species is insignificant, without purpose and unlikely to change in the totality of existence. According to the theory, each individual is an isolated being born into the universe, barred from knowing “why”, yet compelled to invent meaning.

Taking this theory on in our lives if we channel our energy in one direction, to find a meaning in the suffering and stop worrying about the sufferings all together then maybe we can live more fulfilling lives.Imagine the world where no one is sitting idle, every tiny force which compels any living being to work towards a better tomorrow. To dig deep and acknowledge the fact that the sufferings are to stay. For eg: Old age is inevitable. It can not be avoided. Sitting on a posh sofa or laying low will not recede the dying process. Death is inevitable. What will help in this case then? One of the answers could be- working out while we are young and continuing it till we are made to press an exit button by forces unknown to humankind, living each day until then to discover new things, help others grow, make this world a better place to live with less evil and more innovations.

Trust me, if each individual can take on their responsibilities in the light of getting something good out of the bad, we can very well hit a day when all things that are bad may cease to exist. Instead of fretting and fuming about things that are wrong, take a step in fixing the cause.Think of life as a one day ticket to the amusement park. Will you not want to enjoy the swings while the day lasts? Well, I certainly would.
We know the merry go round is a dangerous one, but do we refrain ourselves from trying it? No. we close our eyes when it goes far up.
That’s the key!! When the going gets tough, tough you go!!

“Remember that no man loses any other life than this which he now lives, nor lives any other than this which he now loses.” -Marcus Aurelius
So while we are at it. Let’s all consolidate our efforts and work towards the greater good rather than being selfish about individual needs.Because in the end, it does matter how hard you try !! 🙂

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