Farmer’s Plight

Posted by Anuraj Shrivastava
July 15, 2017


Leading as one of the giants in space sciences, India definitely has quite a bit to boast about its achievements. This is a proud moment for us when our very own Sharook creates 64 grams, Carbon fiber satellite, not to say ‘one of its kind’ and the lightest one, ever made. Also, we have quite some other things which make us proud of our briskly increasing pace of development. Like, the one deal we had, in Russia, over Nuclear Reactors for Kudanlulam Nuclear Power Plant. And this list goes on and on; the achievement box is quite filled by certain progressive things this time.
Well, we do have another facade to be looked upon. Talking about recent things, the first and almost common thing which many of us read daily in our newspaper is of  ‘Suicide of yet another farmer’. Madhya Pradesh, shamefully, have quite some statistics showing the robustness of the plight of the farmers of middle-India. According to a research, in every five (5 hrs.) hours a farmer here commits suicide; something on which we seldom give our thoughts. But Why? Talking or discussing topics like terrorism in Kashmir or Pakistan ceasefire violations or Chinese interference makes us more Indian and discussing issues of farmers make us any lesser Indians? No. Then why do we do not acknowledge the fact that farmers in our nation are in agony.
Talking about the recent rift that had evoked in Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh was something that shook all of us. The violence that broke from a peaceful, no-harm protest which was started on 1st June. However, as time elapsed things started to go worse and worse. Farmers are to be blamed for this huge destruction of time, property, and lives; but are farmers alone to be held responsible for this? Just imagine how we become unrestful if we do not receive our paycheck or the salary-message does not pop-up on the very firsst (1st) of the every month. Well, these farmers had gone through successive droughts which have troubled them a lot, to a different level of misery; and not to miss that this successive drought-affected farms are in the same state whose 72% agriculture depends on rain. And to add more to it is our sloppy government system which rather than helping our poor farmers seems to be great difficulty to deal, however only to be cope-up with. This all happening which has been in a continuum for quite some time now has not only left them dejected but have also shattered all their hopes of resurrection. The system which had kept on enforcing them to sell their efforts’ resultant (i.e., crops) for much lower than it’s worth. The outburst of their anger was, definitely, in a very wrong way, but what could have been contemplated from resuscitating failure. Moreover, to surprise, the state government had done a rigorously condemnable job. And nothing to say about the way Police department played an integral role in overshooting the violence. If now we question about the increment in violence since 4th June, we now know why it had outbursted. Also, our beloved vice-president of Indian National Congress tweeted,”This government is at war with the farmers of our country”, but failed to actually help them (farmers). This hypocrisy, however, showing its outcomes now when our newspaper daily brings the news of yet another farmer who gave up on the World and has committed suicide. It is true that somewhere, the farmers of our nation are not getting the help that could save their farms as well as their precious lives.
This is high time for us to decide how to ensure the security of the integrity of our nation. As agriculture and allied sectors account for 13.7% (as of 2013) share of our GDP and make India the second larger producer of agriculture product. We directly rely on the farms for our food and somewhere have underrated them the most. And however advancement we might have assured in the field of Sciences,  we can not fathom our life without food, for sure. It is the time when we should take a decisive step of giving the importance to our farmers as much as we give to other important issues before it is too late and to be called ‘regretful’.
P.S.: All I want is to press the government to help these farmers and save them from committing suicide. And I also seek your helping hand in making the government actually work for them.

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