Fascism:A source of communalism.

Posted by Ishq Khan
July 21, 2017

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Brasscity which is also known as Moradabad city,a well known city in world which is situated near Delhi.

A large strength of people is educated here but these educated people have a sense of religious hate and intolerence.

We all know that it is not a newborn matter,it is far so long in the history.

But there is something happened before me which make me to rethink about people.

There is a well intelligent and well known persom to whom i met.

he said to me that in british period they used to hire only upper caste hindus and muslims.

i asked but why? he replied bacause upper caste people are faithfull and honest.lower caste people are not trustworthy

he also said that our ancesstors were  trustworthy servants of  britishers.Afterwards he said Muslims are unpatriotic and most of them are terrorists. our military is our safeguards they save us from their attack and you muslim say that army is rapist,i believe in army with close eyes.

And he was dilievering a lots of nonsense about ancient science and many thing which things have not any relevance with truth.

Fascism is peculiar fusion of technical aspects of science and spiritualism.

now this definition is seeming to be come true in present aspects.

thats why it is leading to lots riots,mass murders,mob lynching etc.

if somebody raise his/her voice against capitalism or communalism than this sold out media and so called patriots stich us a certificate of patriotism!.

The time has come to awake and unite against this present system and injustice


Revolution Long Live!

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