Feminine enough !

Posted by Nisha Anand
July 7, 2017

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Every time you walk through the doors of a parlour, you know they will all look at you as if you from ancient time. “Kya karwana hai?” , they ask me and I am always like “hair trim karani this”. Spraying water in the most professional style and then without wasting any time judgment starts. I am not against what she says because its her duty. Being a salon expert she has got rights to tell what flaws are there. But the major problem is that presentation. The way she taunts you in front of others is actually humiliating. I mean wait ! I am a student. I have got numerous things to do apart from looking beautiful. Why do you even expect a 18-19 year to be super beauty conscious rather than studious? You could tell me that my hairs’ not pretty enough or I ain’t doing waxing properly but the point is that you should keep it ‘short and simple’. Until I disclose further that why I couldn’t make it the perfect manicure, it’s a request for you to not to put further advice. I have plenty of reasons to keep that beauty segment aside and involve into things that are more beneficial.

Summing this up, if you ask me ” why?” , I will tell “Indians”. People have accepted education for girls but not at the cost of her marriage. You get educated, do a job, earn money, travel the world, live your life but ultimately get married and you know very well how desperate Indians are with beauty. Directly parlour aunt has nothing to do with your marriage but indirectly she has grown with a mindset to see girls looking more pretty than educated. This is just one chapter of the story.  There is alot to explain including the general bitching habit of indian aunts to help us learn why Indian parlours are so insult conscious.

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