Feminine Sanitary Pads in Opaque Bags – Why is it so?

Posted by Atul Singh
July 7, 2017

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“The only blood that is purest and holy, but only that time, the women is not allowed to go in holy places, because that time, women are holiest.” – The Anonymous


Yes, I know that I’m from opposite sex, but that’s not what I am going to talk about. I lived where mentality of the society was dawn from nil and it get end there too. So conditioning of mine brain and soul was same like other homo sapiens. But self-education can make your thinking heterodox – from orthodox.  Ironically, Our thinking is little bit devastating for the Country like India, its not cheap, but its shows that we are not developing any more. If you are running away from the things that can save your surrounding while you can talk about that thing but just because you find it Ignominy, you feels derrogatory to talk about, but things like feminine and the things related to feminine are necessary to talk, if you want to hinder crime against girls and womens, then it can be a good idea, otherwise thing will get worst day –by-day.

Eeryone of you, must hear about the Feminine Sanitary Pads, but mostly we have a sarcastic smile on our faces, don’t know the reason behind it, if we mistakenly ever talk about it, in front of elders, they screams on us like we did a unforgivable crime. They are very conservative about the objects related with sex, usually they tries to avoid these things to talk, and neither we insist on things, because we have Internet to access to get the knowledge about these objects. Whenever we went to medical stores, or shop where we can buy Feminine sanitary pad, they are used to give that very-useful-thing in a Black Opaque Bag, so no one can see that thing because after seeing that, we have a straight mindset for that – and that is not a good one, we all know. WE ALL KNOWS THAT IS FEMININE SANITARY PAD IN OPAQUE BAG, BUT WE ALL PRETEND THAT WE ARE BLANK ABOUT IT, so whats happening, guys? Are you people ashamed of to talk about that? But why, what you found wrong in this? Its just a normal body functioning, that happens with every female in this world. But Just becaause of this behaviour the gap between oppostie sex is increasing a lot, here in India.

Government is not giving any green signals, for sex education, because who will teach the children about this, everyone feels embarassment to talk about this, and teaching is not everyone’s task. But Increment of rape, in this country, where population is increasing like bacteria, is increasing rapidly. There are several reason behind it, if a male don’t know properly about the difference between him and her, then after reaching a age, when androgens are on peak, will try to know about different sex, by other things, and that will make him, more to know about it, make him to see all these things in a wrong way, and at the end, it will create a complete man about woman, from inside his brain, but all with wrong details. I took faminine sanitary pad, as a example, because, I didn’t find any other easy way to simplify about woman.

Now I am going to talk about the person who is a correct example of how a person can be so sensitive about this, about feminine sanitary pads. Arunachalam Muruganantham, a man who took responsibility, and invented a  low-cost sanitary pad making machine, and he also awared about unhygeinic and wrong way of practicing about Menstruation in rural areas of country.

If we will take some responsibility as a progressive Indians, then we can find some good and positive step towards this, and atleast we can try to stop crime, by doing this all. Becausee if I look around me, I am not finding any step by governmet about it, but indeed, it is very-very necessary subject to talk about, otherwise our rank in rape statistics will increase, each and everyday.


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