Posted by Fatma Naqvi
July 28, 2017

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They are you,

They are me,

Just people with a 

Different ethinicity.

They are white,

They are black,

Just people with a

Different amount of melanin.

They are rich,

They are poor,

Just people with a 

Different amount of money.

They are short,

They are tall,

Just people with a

Different pool of genes.

They are girls,

They are boys,

Just people with a

Different type of chromosomes.

They are straight,

They are trans,

Just people with a 

Different life partner preference.


Frankly speaking,
I don’t “support” LGBTQ . But, the decision taken by Trump is practically and morally wrong. You can’t stop anyone to fight for their country no matter what or who they are.

It’s their country,and their decision.

Even they have people back home who love them and care about them.

They have families and friends and kids.

They have a home where they return to after fighting a war.

And yet,they leave all of the luxuries just like any other soldier out there to serve the nation and protect the civilians.

So,why are they being met with injustice?

And, though I don’t live in the US,but this is my way of showing that this idea of his is totally wrong and unjustified.

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