from reservation to ration

Posted by Owais Wani
July 7, 2017

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What gives impetus to this perpetration is the existence of a de facto throng of phlegmatic people tight-lipped over these issues.

For a slew of people in this globe the killing malady means cancer,malaria or any other life taking disease. But for a certain throng of this globe it has a distinct sense. The prickly issues or whether you call them a menace like reservation to undeserving ones and determination of BPL class of people in tandem is sometimes referred as a serious malady by the people in acrimony. Malady in a sense that it makes undeserving reserved categorized people snort all the night and brings insomnia among the unreserved ones It is often intrusive when you meet a person who has no paucity of essential resources but still enjoys the reservation under backward or any other reserved category.The reservation under social caste is a typical example of apartheid which has sustained its roots till date and often batters the de facto bonhomie.The NSSO data shows that in india already 23.5% of the college seats are occupied by OBCs, that is just 8.6% short of their population share. The candidates in disparity under open category  applying for colleges, universities and government jobs are flummoxed over the same and as usual question that if the God endowed all of us with the two legs to walk,two hands to work and a brain to think for the betterment of our life,then why these people enjoy additional benefits. The adamantine government’s lethargy to have a meticulous survey within these areas is the sole reason for this discrimination.It is a plausible fact that different organizations of the government are run by a slew of mediocre employees, selected on the basis of reservation who are inept for their respective positions. We have been witnessing many schools in our valley from years that produce zero percent results in the annual exams which is the best example of this menace. It is a steep wall before the deserving students or aspirants who after scoring high flunk and tumble due this glitch. It was better to develop the areas that actually come under the backward category and provide them with the basic facilities rather to give them the perpetual advantages. There has been exodus of many such people from villages to towns and urban areas in last couple of decades but their reservation under backward category is still on. The reservation should have stringently meant for only physically disabled people who deserve it tangibly.

Same is the case with the distribution of ration among the people as per newly implemented NFSA -2013. It seems like government walks to the households while keeping their eyes closed.There has never been a meticulous survey in order to make a clear distinction between the people under BPL and APL categories. Let’s not hit the number of kilograms or the price per kilogram of food grains here for a second.Let’s talk about something that gets unnoticed in this case. It is often annoying when you come to know that there is a huge throng of people in our state and serpentine queues of people waiting to get ration under BPL category who have opulent cars,mobile phones,cozy houses and a huge sum stashed in the banks. In our state being a government employee makes you a felon in the eyes of the people.All the stringent rules here apply to them because they cannot furnish dubious information about their income during the survey process as their information is clear before the government. It is not a hearsay but a palpable thing that the owners of the commercial business units who usually enjoy every comfort of life due to their hefty income get ration cards under BPL category.The NFSA has formulated definite rules but our government and the people only focus on the price and the number of kilograms of food grains and its real implementation swims with empty water in the dark space in toto.A large number of such people,who furnish bogus information, fiddle the survey process while the surveyors do their job with the lackluster modus operandi.The recent quagmire caused by the acrimonious reaction of people towards the implementation of NFSA could have been averted by doing away with the inept survey. By doing this food grains could have been saved and the number of kilograms to the needy could have been increased.The food grains in glut are being siphoned off by the undeserving felonious people registered under BPL category and with this result it seems as if there is a less procurement of food grains. This scot-free group of people leave others in sombre atmosphere and muzzle certain people from divulging their deeds. A certain number of infuriated people are tight-lipped over this issue the reason being that the defaulters are either their chums or relatives who confide their deeds to them, which leads to the incitement of this perpetration . What gives impetus to this perpetration is the existence of a de facto throng of phlegmatic people tight-lipped over these issues.

Last year government of india targeted around one crore consumers to give up LPG subsidies and there are 8.22 million people who have tangibly relinquished their subsidies. Now this is something which inculcates this thing in our minds that few humans do exist in the year of 2017.

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