Trafficked And Forced Into Sex Work At 14, How A Young Woman Finally Escaped

Posted by Our Better World in GlobeScope, Sex Work
July 21, 2017

Human trafficking is real and fiercely alive – it is a crime that has devastated millions of innocent lives.

Lilis’ story could happen in any neighbourhood.

At 14, she was promised a better future away from home. She was eager to help ease her family’s financial burden after her mother’s death. So, she accepted the offer without realising that it was a ploy by the “employment agent” to exploit her body. Lilis became an unsuspecting victim and was forced into the darkness of human trafficking.

Watch her story to learn of her escape, rescue and journey of recovery.

Also, it is important to learn to recognise signs of a victim so we will be better equipped to provide help, or even better: prevent a tragedy.