Her Nudity Is Not Her Willingness

Posted by Snigdha Tanu Dewal
July 27, 2017

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Her Nudity Is Not Her Willingness



At Times ,

A girl feel special feeling , some emotions about someone

She give whole trust to someone

Her belongings , Her Soul  And Her Body

I just stated BODY her

Yes ‘ Her BODY

If she love someone her heart out

She do give that right

That permission to that person


Nothing To Judge

Yes if he ask for her NUDES

She trusted him and she without a second thought she had given him

What’s her mistake ??

If that person is disloyal

He didn’t understand the value of being loved and earning trust

It makes her the victim though the betrayed one

Not the culprit or bad character one

Who Are You ?

To see those pictures and judge her without thinking what could be story

Behind that one picture

About which you are so instantly being judgmental for

And What are you even judging

She haven’t given you any approval to see them , Those people who are sitting in group making fun of it

Or finding it quite interested to push it forward

Calling her a slut for sure

Those Pictures are responsible for her tears

How would you know

Making faces and definitely for sure blaming her and her family why haven’t they took proper care of her

How could she even take such kind of pictures

Those pictures are responsible for making her vulnerable

Making her weak

And who knows what she is going through , Which Is Fun To you

Is Pain To Someone Else

She Have Been Cheated

Treason Happen To Her

And You are judging, teasing,laughing.

Taking a good participation in making her weak


Why are you holding a right to pass a judgement anyway


You are not watching these with her consent or her willingness

She didn’t allow you

To she her body

She really didn’t

What are you even laughing for

Even your wife would look same inside

Even your daughter

And your sister too

Don’t they


Respect and think

Hold Humanity In You

That She Have Been Cheated With These Pictures

She Didn’t Wanted This

Her Trust Has Been Misused

She Haven’t Thought Of This


Her Nudity Is Not By Her Own Choice !

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