Highly internet-zoned!

Posted by Ramsha Khan
July 20, 2017

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“WHAAATT!! IT’S GONE?” Yes, that was our unified reaction when our internet subscription expired at 12 midnight, leaving us with no internet connection. And here, by us, I mean me and my two elder sisters. My eldest sister, Shifa Appi, was shocked and couldn’t grasp the reality whereas Fizai and I were clearly despondent. And hey, I am not over reacting. That really was the reaction of my family. My mom was the only one who was thoroughly satisfied and excited with the prospect of us leaving our phones and engaging in family time, the practice which I learned from my host family in America and my family in India readily adopted it. It’s not a practice really, it’s a term for not using your phone and spending time with your family doing some family stuff which seems pretty accurate these days as we spend most of our time using social networking sites and not really socialising which recently has become the case with my family.
Five phones and five members in my house and whenever we sit together in one room, we don’t talk but surf the internet. So my mom decided not to recharge our internet and deprived us of the luxury that has become a necessity now. So that day, we talked till 2am and reminisced of our childhood days.
The next day, we asked Ammi to take us to our relative’s house who has WiFi connection and Fizai, the victim said that she was feeling weak without internet whereas Shifa Appi, the righteous, told us to shut up and get on with it. Me? I went out, paid some money and got data in my phone. As simple as that. 🙂
According to Indiafacts.in, 70% of online youth in India spend more than 5 hours on the internet in a normal week. I don’t believe that! How could it be? I spend more than 5 hours surfing internet in a DAY and so do other teenagers around me! I usually watch Netflix series, stalk people, read blogs and news, download books, etc etc during that time. One thing that I love about social networking sites, is that they help me stay connected with my host family and my friends around the world and that’s a lot for me. So, I’ve always said this and will say it again; there’s nothing bad about using internet, you should just be careful of what you are doing on there.
“YES YES! I AM TURNING MY HOTSPOT ON, WAIT!” Gotta go help my sister through her midlife crisis. Until then, how much time do you spend using internet and why is it useful for you?

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