How Could we compare our girls with our boys?

Posted by Hina Kausar
July 24, 2017

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Dear Indian women’s cricket team

Without any further delay accept my warm congratulations for performing so well in world cup. You might’ve lost the finals, you might’ve fail on the field but you won our hearts. There was a time when no one talks about women’s cricket and today people are chanting your name. Strange….isn’t it!!!
You know what your performance lit a ray of hope in every girl’s mind. Those very girls who dares to step against that way which society have had fixed for them. I am a girl and I know full well how difficult it is to survive here being a girl.
We as a society are Hippocrates. We have our own stereotypes and can’t move an inch from that fixed belief. While other people were praising you and supporting you emotionally there are some others, who along there 12th century thinking, were comparing you with others.
When you won your first match we pat your back, when you won semi-final we cracked fire crackers but when you lost the final I heard a boy saying “agar Dhoni hota yahan to aaj India jeet jaati!”
I asked him
“Woh jab pressure me hota hai to acha khelta haina”
instant reply was there.
And I am wondering how could people compares you with men’s team?
You are Indian women’s cricket team and you’re best here!!!
And you know the worst part, these are the same people who few hours back were supporting you as an audience. They don’t know that you lost because that trophy doesn’t deserves you.
Well never mind, if there’s no rival then what’s the point of fighting. You weren’t only playing against England but also the notions that are linked with girls.
A girl can never be a boy…well we’re.
Girls can’t play cricket….well we can.
Our boys lost the cup….well we’ll bring that for you mother India!!!
Never mind about what people says because there’s always an opponent party whose task is to mock at heroes. There are thousands others who are praising you for your performance and are congratulating you for playing so well.
You’ve proved that you’re the true asset India have And we are proud of that. After watching you, there is a spark of hope for me that may be someday I could make my country proud like you did.
I wish you all the best for your future matches. Be our heroes and make India proud every where!!
Go ahead and thousands of girls would follow you. Thanks for being our Messiah.
Thank you,
An Indian girl.

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