How parents are adopting the culture their children are used to nowadays!

Posted by Aakansha Juneja
July 1, 2017

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Today my blog is all dedicated to parents. Especially Indian parents.

Before – It’s has always seemed that parents are special characters in our life with whom you cannot discuss anything happening though it is your new boyfriend/girlfriend, going out with friends, your crush, going out late nights, drinking, smoking, going out for clubs. When it comes to marriages parents always preferred to get it arrange through relatives or friends in society. Love marriages and getting married to a boy or girl out of one community was a crime, for such reasons they could even disown their children for whole life and do not talk to them. Issues, like killing of female fetus and not having female child, is one of the topics which Indian society has faced and if female child born getting them married at young age or not letting them study or if interested in sports but not allowing them to do it are issues which Indian children have faced during their upbringing. GIRLS are not allowed to speak in front of elders, not allowed to sit with family while having dinner during their periods are some kind of torcher which Indian daughters go through their whole life. Indian parents were defined as most orthodox parents in society. Family bonding used to be the main agenda of parents where children and family member stay together, eat together but not allowed to enjoy their freedom or speak if any mistake or wrong step is taken by them. Definition of family bonding for them used to be different where girls are not allowed to play with boys and not allowed to talk to them, sit in the bedroom while guests are at home and not allowed to discuss things openly with her father. Choosing what career one will choose used to be decided by parents and their relatives, not by an individual who will have to tolerate it for the whole life. For them, an individual’s agenda for life is just to study, get a job and get married which I think is not fair. LOOG KYA KAHEGE is all they worried about. Many rapes and molestation cases are done by relatives and family friends were hidden and their children used to suffer because what society will think was the biggest issue for parents which no one could resolve. How the child will suffer was not even taken into consideration which is the saddest of all, which also increase the rapes and molestation rates in India.

But now I think that revolution has come in Indian parents also with changing world where they have started understanding the feelings of their children by giving them freedom for their life and letting them free how they need to take their life ahead. Starting from their own career option to which they want to get married to be only choosing by an individual and not by their parents. Now Indian parents like other parents in western countries have started to adopt the culture where their children are free to leave houses at the young age and peruse what they want to do in life so that for the whole life their children don’t regret of not attempting something they were interested in.

Females are now more being respected and their parents believe them getting higher educational qualifications in terms of study and sports both which in turn have changed the perspective of girls entering in the area of sports also in World. Going through their periods which was not allowed to speak in front of anyone now has become one of those topics where now corporates thinking to give leave to females during their chums which, and the thought comes from Indian parents only somewhere working in corporates. Talking about sex, their children’s relationships and how one will overcome from it is also something Indian parents are taking care of their sons and daughters which I feel is a revolutionary change when we talk about Indian culture before and now. Parents now are more practical and believe in the happiness of their own children instead of society. Visiting clubs, international vacations, getting on road trips with their family, drinking together is something which in Indian culture no one can imagine off but now those changes have already come. Parents from very first visit places with their children where they can enjoy, dance, and drink together. They are not any more hesitate of talking about something which we never did before. Such support of Indian parents witnessed by myself inspired me to write and dedicate this article to those parents who dedicatedly make efforts all for their children and try to come out from their comfort zone and make sure their daughters and son are free and comfortable while talking to them and can raise any issue for their life. With changing mentality of parents they have also started raising voice for their family members and children if at all any rape or molestation case appear to happen in front of them though done by their family friends or relative which now they don’t tolerate at all, which also helps Indian society to decrease such rape and molestation cases. Trying to adopt western culture Indian parents are also becoming cool for their children which also increase our responsibility as their child to become more responsible and make sure the kind of trust they have in us and their efforts take for us are worthwhile.

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